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Emergency Medicine: Response, Types of Specialists, Process

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Emergency medicine entails the medical care for patients whose medical cases were not anticipated or even been know or called for. The response for emergency medicine cases depends entirely on the nature of the case ("Types of Trauma - TeachTrauma," 2017) . If it’s an injury case, special teams handling such cases are called for. They may include several categories of surgery surgeons and trauma cases. For illnesses, doctors and nurses mostly handle the cases mostly with no particularcase specialists unless called for ("Trauma and OrthopedicSurgery," 2017) . 

For instance, trauma specialists, who include trauma surgeons, nurses, physicians and psychologists, offer special attention to patients. They work to coordinate their work in making the patient as comfortable as possible while at the same time trying to identify the affected areas. Mostly, they focus their attention on injuries affecting the musculoskeletal system which vary from broken, dislocated or fractured bones including injuries to the soft tissues ("Trauma and OrthopedicSurgery," 2017) . Theirwork helps to establish a course of medication for the patient. Working together the specialists pinpoint, from the area of the incident, through the movement to the hospital, the affected parts of the body.This makes them work specifically depending on the nature of the injury. These include: 

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Corrective surgery, 

Joint resurfacing, 


Bone fracture and joint arthroscopy 

After stabilizing the patient and making sure they are safe in the hospital, they proceed to offer extensive care and all the needed operations ("Types of Trauma - TeachTrauma," 2017) . The safety and recovery of the patient are majorly their primary goal leading to maximum recovery. All hospitals with Emergency Medicine wings always keep them ready all the time with the necessary staff readily available. All in all, they are responsible for saving a considerable number of lives. Their work is a necessity,and at all timestheir availability is crucial. 


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