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Entity Relationship Diagram for Multiplayer Communication Game

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Having considered the needs of the database model for the gaming system, we realize that the system has the following needs: communication through chatting and instant messaging, user-rank functionality and ranking capabilities. As such, these were considered in the formulation of the Entity Relationship Model above that has been conceived. This paper matches the needs of the system against a relationship model.

This system requires a multiplayer approach because the instance of instant messaging and chatting implies that there will be more than one user for the system. Moreover, the platform that there is communication means that there could be more than one party in the gaming transaction at the time of playing. As such, the relationship diagram considers this and inputs player information for each player. The system provides for the creation of an account within the system, which forms the basis upon which the player will operate all their functionality. Here, the personal details for the player are incorporated in a series of entries, including the account name and password, address and other account registration requirements. Thereafter, the system will require the entry of each personal user as would be desired by the different users of the system. If this example was brought to life, we would consider an Xbox system where the owner has a Microsoft Account, and each user has their profiles on the system.

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As can be seen, the creation of an account allows for the creation of a character, where all the messaging applications are based. The character section will allow the player’s high scores to be recorded, their level of expertise and other details that may be used in interaction with other characters in the system. Moreover, there is a last played and date of account creation that is attached to the data on the character so that other players can easily determine if the character is question is a frequent visitor and their level of expertise. Because of the interaction with other players on the online platform, particular attention can be paid to the communication that is present through the carrier. The carrier presents the two lines of communication between one player and another. Here, the chatting and instant messaging applications can be used. Instant messaging can be generated from the system, where the player gets updates when playing the game at various intervals. On the other hand, chatting is going to be used for character-to-character communication, for example, during the negotiations on whether to engage themselves in a competition.

In this game, other applications can be altered. For example, the players can alter the kind of grounds that they want to play on. If this is a football game they wish to play, the players can choose the level of difficulty, their preferred grounds of playing including field patterns, season of the year and particular weather of the day they wish to play in. for other games. this is done by pre-configuring the different grounds where the players can participate in during the game. All these are attributes of the “region” that the players wish to play in.

After the creation of the account and the character, as well as choosing the preferred region, character creation occurs and there is ability for the players to engage themselves in game-play. This is the instance of item and creep instantiation. This means that the abstract is made into a tangible object in the making of a computer application (Chen, 1976; Beynon-Davies, 2004). Therefore, the complete model allows for the meeting of basic needs that are required in a modern gaming system.


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