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Evaluating Bias in Drug Research

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The student guide identifies framing the research question as the first step in research. The research question requires clarity and precision because it determines the focus of the research study. Accordingly, it is the most critical step in a research study. The process of creating the research question begins by framing the problem statement. The statement problem is later refined to add focus and clarity. These steps are essential because they provide room for formulating a research problem that is clear, researchable, timely and relevant. The research question sets the pace for the entire research. It determines how the theoretical position, research design and data analysis look like in the end.

It is largely assumed that companies in the drug industry research profitability. GlaxoSmithKline is one of the pharmaceutical companies that have been in the limelight or conducting a drug research that raised such kind of suspicions. In 2006, a trial involving three GlaxoSmithKline diabetes drugs was conducted by eleven authors. The study results revealed that Avandia was the best performing drug. Later, the senior vice president of the company released the news to the public. However, four years down the line, it was fully discovered that Avandia increases the chances of developing a heart attack. Among the major factors that came into perspective after this discovery, is the financial support that GlaxoSmithKline had given the authors who conducted the first research. The authors were divided into two groups. The first group consisted four company employees while the other group was made up of seven academic experts. All the eleven authors were fully financed by the company. As a result, it remains unknown whether the initial drug results were altered because of the money aspect. 

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Initially, warnings concerning the drug had been issued, but they were disregarded. Notably, a cardiologist from Cleveland clinic referred to as Nissen gave a warning that went unnoticed. Later, a scientist from the Food and Drug Administration provided prove that linked the drug to approximately 83, 000 cases of heart attacks and eventual death. Most of the articles that are published in influential medicine journals create a great impact in the drug industry. However, most of their authors receive grants and other forms of compensation from the drug companies. Furthermore, a considerable number of the authors originate from the same companies. The growing role of the drug industry in funding research has increased the risk of releasing drugs with dangerous side effects into the market. Their chances of altering conclusions after funding a research are high. It is very possible for malpractices such as the drafting of research conclusions and recruitment of specific academic experts to occur. Drug research that is conducted by the government and non-profitable organizations is likely to yield more accurate results. 

As a consumer, I believe that the process of drug research should be funded by the government and non-profit organizations only. Additionally, the entire process should be detached from the drug-maker completely. The drug maker should only be involved in the process after the research findings are released. The government and non-profit organizations should conduct the process of recruiting researchers and academic experts. Company employees should not be involved in drug research because they are likely to engage in malpractices. Drugs are highly sensitive, and failure to conduct thorough research can lead to fatal consequences. The lives of patients can be destroyed forever if the side effects of a drug are not revealed at the right times. Poor research can also lead to the death of patients. 

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