16 Feb 2023


Evaluation of Program Operations and Program Outcomes

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Evaluation entails “systematic assessment of the operations and the outcomes of a program or policy compared to a set of explicit or implicit standards, as a means of contributing to the improvement of the program or policy.” Evaluation is conducted to determine is the outcome of a program or activity are attained. Evaluation of programs and policies encompasses education, social welfare, legal services, mental health, housing, health, highway construction, economic development and corrections. The study of the impact of a program provides a more in-depth understanding of the failure or success of the plan. Evaluating the application operations and outcomes help to comprehend the data from the results in the analysis of the conditions responsible for different achievements. The evaluation provides crucial knowledge on the impact of different inputs on the issue of the program. Impact study on the program operations would offer information on the overall influence of the application concerning the effect if it were not present. In the 1940s, private foundations provided funds for the Cambridge Somerville youth worker programs which were designed to help strengthen communities near Boston. In the 1950s, the government-funded Harvard Project Physics which was supposed to improve America literacy in space exploration. In the 1960s, the President`s committee created to deal with youth delinquency sponsored a program to reduce youth crime. The evaluation was developed to find the success of the funded program's and each curriculum was required to evaluate the outcomes of their activities. The government-funded evaluation activities in education, legal assistance, social services, criminal justice, community organization, mental health services, international development, health care, nutrition and other programs. The decade from 1970 to 1980 had large scale evaluations of numerous policies to determine their integration into various sectors in the country. Evaluation is directed to various standards such as national programs, local projects or subproject components, environmental policies, mass transit programs, forest projects, and essentials of military procurement. 

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