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Event Manager: A Career in the Hospitality Industry

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For food and adventure enthusiasts, the hospitality industry is an attractive prospect to work in. There are countless opportunities for those interested. The sector employs millions of people every year. For instance, in the United States alone, the hospitality and leisure sector had 17 million workers as of 2018 (Statista 1). These people had varied job descriptions. From waitresses, baristas, chefs, to cruise line managers, all these employees collectively contributed to the success of the industry. Within the hospitality industry, I would chose to become a events manager because the career opens up opportunities to travel wide and create long-lasting professional connections. However, economic recessions have in the past had unfavorable impacts on the hospitality industry.

Events management as a career is closely related to project management. A typical events manager is tasked with the design of big events such as symposiums, music performances, or high-profile wedding receptions. According to Woodward (1), event managers need to initially identify the beneficiaries of such events before setting up. That is, the target audiences need to be established even before budgets are made. The next step is coming up with a theme for the event. An example of a themed event would be a Halloween party meant to attract Hollywood celebrities. Before invitations are sent out, an event manager would be expected to identify the types of costumes the guests should don. A mix up in the costumes in such an event has the potential to degrade its overall effectiveness.

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Event managers are also in charge of logistics. They should determine how essentials and equipment move from one point to another. Large events are typically big on logistics. For instance, the movement of foods, beverages, sound equipment, entertainers, and employees should be properly coordinated. Outside vendors would also need to be supervised from time to time. These responsibilities broaden the job description of event managers.

Before applying for a job in events management, there are specific duties and responsibilities that are be expected of potential candidates. For instance, an events manager is directly responsible for venue selection, monitoring, and security organization. I acknowledge the fact that I need to be able to choose the most ideal venue depending on the nature of the event in the future. I am also aware that if I take up this job, proper coordination of personnel and proceedings will be expected, as well as the formulation of workable security plans. Other duties will be to participate in proceedings, conform to safety criteria, and formulate emergency tactics.

A job in events management has several perks. One advantage is that an events manager has opportunities to travel both locally and internationally as part of the job. Sometimes work opportunities may present themselves far away from home. By travelling from one place to another, an events manager gets to visit famous sites, try out foreign cuisines, and interact with different cultures. Such adventure broadens the worldview of an events manager.

Secondly, the professional interactions experienced during events may prove to be beneficial in the long run. In the line a duty, an events manager will come across events planners, chefs, potential employers, as well as prospective clients. Job openings may come up in the future and such individuals may make important career referrals.

An events managerial role in a company can be perfected through continuous training and attending conferences. It is important for any professional within the hospitality industry to keep up with current best practices. By taking additional courses and appearing in seminars, I expect to polish up on my skills which will in turn allow me to best serve my clients.

One of the major drawbacks of a career in events management is the ability of prevailing economic conditions to affect the success of the business. Walker and McManemon (3) cover the case of California Host, an events management company that was founded in 1971 by Barbara Edwards. An entrepreneur herself, Edwards had looked to capitalize on the budding technological stage that was Silicon Valley. Initially, California Host took clients on tours to sites such as the Hurst Castle and the Grand Canyon. Over the next decade, business was good for Edwards and her company. Nevertheless, the economic recession of the 1980s took a toll on California Host and she was forced to reconsider her business strategy.

Economic recessions have detrimental effects on tourism and hospitality. In 2009, for instance, there were decreases in the number of hotel occupants owing to the prevailing economic conditions ( Kapiki 29 ). The average customer was forced to rethink individual spending levels. This handed over pricing power to the patrons. The same can be said for the events management business. When times are hard, most customers will only spend small portions of their budgets. As a result, events managers may be forced to work under tight budgets, thus, limiting revenues and subsequent profit margins.

In conclusion, I intend to work in the hospitality industry in the future. The industry has been and continues to act as a major global employer. On a personal level, events management is an area that I would wish to go into. The job description covers the management of big event projects through the establishment of target audiences. Travelling and network creation are some of the perks that would come with such a job, although it has been found that economic downturns limit job success.

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