13 Dec 2022


Fire Protection Technology: Major Concerns

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Fire protection technology is one of the major concerns for disaster management, especially where environmental preservation is concerned. According to Wierenga (2001), moving towards environmentally friendly approaches to fire protection technology is as critical as any other move toward sustainable technology innovation. This paper reviews his article “Advanced Environmentally Friendly Fire Protection Technology”. In this context, the author speaks of the hybrid fire extinguisher, which is a combination of the traditional blow-down fire extinguisher and a solid gas generator. As a result, the extinguisher gas is pushed out by means of a generator as opposed to the previously added supercharged nitrogen. According to various tests performed on the technology, this is a huge improvement that is more effective than previous models. Furthermore, there was the achievement of the use of fewer fire extinguishers during fire management compared to using traditional extinguishers (Wierenga, 2001). In this article, the author intended to reach out to fire management experts as well as innovators regarding the need to incorporate innovation for sustainable fire management technology. Therefore, the author presents an alternative form of fire extinguisher that has more advantages, including higher efficiency, environmental responsiveness, and economic advantages. Therefore, the issue of excess nitrogen produced in the air during firefighting was dealt with, alongside more effective methods of dealing with fire thereby reducing the number of fire extinguishers used. This innovation would therefore reduce fire management costs in the long term. In terms of course application, this article supports the need for progressive technology for fire management through the implementation of innovation within the field for more effective management. Bearing in mind that this new innovation widens the scope for research on alternative firefighting mechanisms, additional innovations in this field will be beneficial. In conclusion, then, firefighting innovation is key to improving technology and mechanisms for fire management.


Wierenga, P. (2001). Advanced Environmentally Friendly Fire Protection Technology. Halon Options Technical Working Conference (pp. 372-388). Florida, United States: General Dynamics Ordnance and Tactical Systems.

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