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Four noble truths of Buddhism

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The four noble truths are the basic expressions of the teaching by Buddha. The four truths are best comprehended as classifications of experience, but not as beliefs. They do present a very ordinary way of categorizing that which people can know and describe in terms of me or not me and being or not being. The first truth is that the entire life is simply a case of suffering, pain and misery. The second truth of Buddhism is that the suffering experienced in life is caused by the selfish craving and personal desire of human beings. The third truth gives hope, stating that this selfish craving can be overcome by human beings. The fourth truth simply provides a framework for overcoming the misery that is in life, which through the Eightfold Path.

Buddhists would not describe Buddhism as a belief system, but a therapeutic process because the teachings of Buddha were intended to offer a working framework for achieving mental wellness for all human beings. The theory of the mind given by Buddha is a practical framework that can be put into practice as a way of helping individuals to manage the suffering of dealing with life. Moreover, the teachings of Buddha offer a workable solution to the life suffering and misery mentioned.

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Taking Buddhism as a therapy, but not a religion would imply treating it as a way of promoting the wellbeing of the brain. Taking Buddhism as a therapy entails no just believing in the words of Buddha, but also implementing the framework given in relieving the stress of the mind. Religion offers sets of beliefs that cannot be put to test. However, the teachings of Buddhism can be tested through treating the psychological stress of the brain. The basic value of Buddhism is having a good state of the brain through avoiding selfish craving and personal desires. 

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