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French and Dutch Exploration

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In spite of the fact that French fishermen had caught cod off Newfoundland in 1504, fish were not the main motivation of the voyages sponsored by King Francis I early in the sixteenth century. Giovanni da Verrazano, in 1524 navigated from the east coast of North Carolina to Nova Scotia seeking a passage to Asia. A similar aim was behind Jacques Cartier’s three voyages that formed the foundation for future French claims to Canada. Cartier surveyed the Gulf of St. Lawrence and realized the St. Lawrence River, whereby participants of his expedition founded a temporary settlement near Quebec. 

Abortive territories were additionally founded by French Huguenots, also known as Protestants within the present boundaries of Florida and South Carolina. The Clashes of Religion, which pitted Catholic against Protestant derailed further French discovery until the conclusion of the seventeenth century. Under the stewardship of Samuel de Champlain, who performed many voyages to the eastern Canada area starting 1603, the town of Quebec was formed in 1608 and coalitions were formed with Hurons to enlarge fur trade. Fundamentally, furs compared to settlements were more crucial to France at the time. 

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The Dutch primarily became one of the immense commercial and seafaring countries of Europe in the seventeenth century and were major competitors of the Portuguese in the East Indies. History indicates the Dutch East India Company sponsored English sailor Henry Hudson for a new search for the subtle Northwest Passage. Hudson discovered Delaware Bay and propelled up the river later named after him, instituting Dutch claims for the territory referred to as New Netherland. Similar to the French, the Dutch were involved in fur trading, and they established lucrative links with the local ethnic groups of the Iroquois Confederacy. 


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