19 May 2022


Gender Roles for Boys and Girls

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The differences between boys and girls are based more on their sex and less on their gender. An individual’s sex does not change from the time he or she is born but their gender can. Sex refers to the biological differences in chromosomes, sex organs, and hormones. Gender is used to mean the cultural variances that are anticipated of women and men from the society. It is defined by hormones and chromosomes. Presently gender has been seen to be a continuum and a lot more diversity is being accepted and the differences are placed in more than two categories. It is safe to say that biology only plays its role to a certain point and then the individual is free to choose that which they identify ( McLeod, 2014) .

Children raised to understand specified gender roles will act on them because society expects them to. Anything that is in contradiction of this is viewed as a problem. The danger with having gender roles being set in stone is that it will breed a society that is not free to express its capability and these children will suffer from lowered motivation and have difficulty in learning. Treating children differently due to their sexes will have the females thinking they are not capable of certain tasks while their male counterparts are made to feel superior ( McLeod, 2014) . These roles are imposed on us and they bring on a limitation in which individuals cannot be the best versions of themselves and so will lead unfulfilled lives.

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Gender roles have changed over the years and it now possible for men to show their feminine traits while females are free to embrace their masculine side. Society is highly fluid in liberal countries the change has been embraced albeit with much difficulty. But even with the changes, women are primarily homemakers while the men are the money earners. The changes in society have made it possible for any individual to take up the role of the other with little question. Gender roles set in stone bring limitation to any society seeking to develop itself. Despite the cultures to which we belong, there are certain consistencies as to what is accepted as to gender roles. Males are expected to be independent and assertive while females are expected to be sensitive and supportive. Such roles have changed over the years more so in the United States ( McLeod, 2014) .

Past cultures saw women being brought up to aspire to marriage and having children while the men were to be the providers. Due to the changes taking over the society, men are comfortable taking care of their homes and children while women are the providers. Women are taking on masculine jobs and excelling at them proving once more that the limits placed by society are only hindering development and growth of the said people ( McLeod, 2014) .

Girls are trained to wear pink and boys to wear blue and for this reason, much of our expectations as to the behavior of men and women are socially constructed but it is the time that these limitations are gotten rid of. Societies that are patriarchal such as those in the Middle East have the role of the woman as the homemaker. They are rarely let to go outside alone unless accompanied by a male figure and are expected to be subservient to their husbands. They are denied certain freedoms such as driving or even owning property. Such societies will frown on persons who identify as anything that is not male or female. ( McLeod, 2014) .


McLeod, S. A. (2014). Biological Theories of Gender. Retrieved from www.simplypsychology.org/gender-biology.html  

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