Ways to Make Your Gender Discrimination Essay Stand Out With Examples

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Legal vs. Social Considerations in Workplace Gender Issues

Introduction The modern workplace is a social place leaden with legal issues hence the constant conflict between legal and social considerations, more so when the issue of gender is factored. Strict adherence to...

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17 Sep 2023

Gender Differences in Mate Selection

The evolutionary theory significantly informs psychologists to understand gender differences in mate selection. The theory postulates that being a good provider and having good genes as the two primary considerations...

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How Unisex Fashion Trends Are Impacting Gender Equality

Introduction For the longest time in history, fashion and garment have been subjects of deep sociological, anthropological, and semiotic evaluation in the modern world. The phenomenon of fashion, which is often...

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17 Sep 2023

Gender Theories and Stereotypes

Gender stereotypes are common in contemporary society where they are entrenched into our culture and often reinforced by the media. Scholars describe it as the preconceived belief that certain roles and...

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Gender (Sex) Roles in Modern Society

Also termed as sex roles, gender roles encompasses a range of attitudes and behaviors that are deemed desirable for people basing on their perceived sex. Historically the gender roles were centered on femininity and...

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Shrek the Movie and Its View on Gender Roles

Shrek is an American animated fantasy film written by Ted Elliot, Terry Rossio, Roger Schulman, and Joe Stillman. The film includes both human and animal characters. Characters in the movie are used in showing the...

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Factors Affecting UK Wages: Highest Qualification and Gender Differences

Work has a substantial influence on the personal life of an individual, their economic status, social class, worth, self-esteem, perception, political perspectives, self-efficacy, and empowerment. The level of...

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Overcoming Gender Barriers in Leadership

Overcoming Gender Barriers in Leadership Merida Johns’ article titled _Breaking the glass ceiling: Structural, Cultural, and organizational barriers preventing women from achieving senior and executive positions_...

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17 Sep 2023

Case Study – Sexual Dysfunction and Gender Dysphoria

Part I DSM Diagnosis According to the revelation made by the client before the psychologist, he is suffering from erectile dysfunction. An erectile dysfunction is a sexual disorder that affects male adults...

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Carl Franklin's American Director Raises Issues of Race and Gender

The 20 th and 21 st centuries remain some of the most significant periods in history in the redefinition of the roles, functions and perceptions of genders and races. There was particularly a transition of the...

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What Is a Gender Discrimination Essay: Definition

Let’s discuss what is the definition of gender discrimination essay before we delve deep into the writing.

Definition: This type of paper talks about the basic distinctions between males and females. It also examines advances towards gender equality, as well as the essential role played by men in perpetuating gender roles. It is crucial that you study your topic thoroughly before you write anything.

A gender stereotype is an assumption about gender, whether positive or negative. Stereotypes are helpful. However, they don't always provide accurate details. People who apply stereotypes to their peers are perpetuating them. While many people know about the negative results of gender stereotypes and sexism, they make the same mistakes without conscious thought. This has a variety of negative consequences. Many times, women are not given an equal opportunity which is believed to be unjust. Your gender studies essay can discuss something like this.

Gender Discrimination Essay Examples

Many different examples of gender discrimination essay in education can be of great help in your writing. They are useful if you don’t know what to write about or how to put your thoughts into words. You can be at a loss when you’re researching your topic because there’s so much to be discussed. Even though lots of people have already spoken against this issue. 

In today's society, women are still the most oppressed gender. They are often treated differently and seen less than men. Therefore, it is crucial that your essay becomes an educational piece in itself about gender inequality. You can write that discrimination against both genders also impacts children and young people who are raised with gender stereotypes from childhood. Having such an upbringing can have a devastating impact on our thoughts and behavior. Reflect on this in your paper.

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Gender Discrimination Essay Outline

In writing your outline of gender discrimination essay, it is important to be aware of the different styles of paper. These are narrative, argumentative, informative essay examples, and expository writing examples. Once you’ve chosen, start composing your outline. This will help you later to organize your thoughts and figure out the strong points and weaknesses of your paper. Overall make your plans for writing more tangible.

If you need a basic outline template, take a look at this one.

Example of gender discrimination essay outline


  • Hook: Grab your readers’ attention via a small but engaging personal story, an appropriate quote, etc.
  • Thesis statement: While men hold high-ranking positions within society, women are usually stuck in lower positions which creates an unstable workplace and inequality in work.

Body paragraph #1

  • Brief definition of gender inequality.
  • Brief historical overview of this issue.

Body paragraph #2

  • Ways gender bias affects today’s society.
  • Ways it affects the workplace.

Body paragraph #3

  • Your suggestions on how to change/improve this issue.


  • In other words, restate your thesis statement.
  • Concluding sentence.

Gender Discrimination Essay Introduction

Writing an introduction of gender discrimination essay can be very easy once you know what you’re doing. It is usually a comparatively small paragraph in which you should state your main topic. Here, you can also provide a brief description of the issue at hand.

Your introductory paragraph must be clear, concise, and to the point. You can start it with a small story, but don’t overstay your welcome. Remember not to stray far from the main idea. Your hook must be a natural opener to the whole paper.

Include a thesis statement in this part of the essay! Craft it carefully. Remember that it will be the backbone of your work. It must be supported and/or explained later in the main body paragraphs.

There are many ideas you can use to compose a thesis statement. For example, if you've decided to go with a non-biological explanation of gender inequality, be sure to mention instances of how the fictional variations have affected the world. While aren't only a matter of opinion, it should be considered as alternatives to theories that are currently in use regarding your issue. If you don't consider gender equality theories, this is even more significant. Both sides must be supported.

Check out this good sample we prepared for you.

Example of introduction on gender discrimination

Gender discrimination is the initial point that marks the social and economic division that arises as a result of the violation of specific individual rights and respect to benefit a specific group of people. Without considering the social, economic classes there are various aspects of lives that result in the gender discrimination in the society (Heilman and Caleo, 2015). The degree of discrimination varies across the countries over time. Therefore, the term gender discrimination arises in different societies where a male is grouped at a better position than the female which results in the difference in social, economic, and political positioning between men and women.

Gender Discrimination Essay Body Paragraph

Usually, the body of your paper consists of three parts. Each paragraph on gender discrimination is equally important. The first one can cover the different kinds of bias based on gender. Explain, how it affects females and males in different ways regardless of their culture, political views, race, or economic status. Give more supportive evidence in the second paragraph. In the third paragraph, add your personal opinion. Describe how to fix or at least improve the issue.

The essay's body must reflect the outline you created and the ideas you have jotted down. It is crucial to make full use of it. Add more evidence as you go and see which body paragraphs those can support better. Remember that the goal of the gender equality paper is to ensure that you wrote an educational piece about equal respect for all people. In your body part, define gender inequalities clearly before continuing further. You can explain next that, for example, it is imperative for the state of any nation to establish a clearly defined gender-based policy and enforce it accordingly.

Take a look at this sample for a better understanding. 

Example of gender discrimination essay paragraph

The self-interest theory reveals the individual perception on the issue of gender discrimination. The theory states that men always consider themselves to be superior to women. People have for years always perceive that men should be favored at the expense of women and this contributes to the increase of gender discrimination in the workplace and also in the daily life. Additionally, the self-interest theory defines the individual moral norms. In real life situations, the self-interest theory is abused where people perceive men should be treated differently from women and at the same time, their duties and responsibilities should be different from that of women. All people should be treated with respect and care and provided with equal opportunity in the workplace (Trentham and Larwood, 2011). The self- interest theory should be implemented in the organization to provide the employment benefit to all people regardless of the gender position. Additionally, the management should engage all the employees in the organization decision making process without gender discrimination. The employees feel motivated and hence improve their performance as well.

Gender Discrimination Essay Conclusion

A conclusion of gender discrimination essay can be the hardest part to write. It has its own strict set of rules that you shouldn't break. For example, you can’t provide any new information here. This paragraph is for summing up the main points of your body. Draw conclusions from them without adding anything new there.

A good strategy to write an ending to a paper is to restate your thesis statement. This way, you can remind your audience about your main idea and initial claim. However, you shouldn’t rewrite that statement word for word. It can render it useless in the reader’s eyes and make your paper look unprofessional.

Lastly, end your conclusion with a strong concluding sentence. It will make your whole work more memorable. It will help ensure that your reader will research and discuss your topic further.

We believe that this sample can be useful for you.

Example of conclusion on gender discrimination

Additionally, the gender discrimination in the organization would contribute to the improvement of employees’ performance as well as a motivational factor where all the employees are equally engaged in the organizational affairs. This would facilitate the achievement of organizational goals and objectives. Indeed, it is a fundamental aspect for each organization to eliminate gender discrimination in the provision services to the employees. For example, Goodyear had undercut the federal statutory protection against pay discrimination. Initially, female employees could not afford to labor but fortunately, the congress ruled out the damage with legislative action (Green, 2008). The statutory amendment provided the employees with an opportunity to challenge the unlawful discrimination and other forms of workplace bias.

How to Write an Essay on Gender Discrimination

When you write a discrimination essay in English, you can usually use some guidance. After all, this topic affects nearly every facet of the lives of people, which can make it overwhelming. No matter if you are writing an essay for school or college, general helping tips are roughly the same.

  • First of all, plan every step about your task. If it is hard for you to make time for everything, use our assignment calculator, which will be very useful for you. 
  • Prior to writing your essay on gender discrimination, choose a topic. It should be both interesting for you and easy to present your point of view. Inequality between men and women is a vast issue. So, make sure you narrow your focus prior to writing. 
  • It is important to choose an appropriate format style. Consult your professors about all the necessary requirements prior to writing your paper.
  • A good gender-discrimination essay should discuss biased issues in detail. For instance, explain that single female parent families are more vulnerable to food insecurity and poverty. It is so because women are still at a greater risk of receiving lower incomes than males. 
  • If anything, you can write gender discrimination in education essay. Education and economics go hand-in-hand. A country's economy could be affected if the country isn't sending its daughters to school. Consequently, countries that have a more equitable gender balance have made progress in their societies.
  • Keep in mind that discrimination based on gender can be unintentional or unconscious. It is a fact that the gendered perception of work and daily life can be disproportionate.
  • Have someone read and edit your paper once you’ve finished writing it. A new set of eyes can point out mistakes and inconsistencies that you can’t.

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FAQ About Gender Discrimination Essays

1. How to stop a gender discrimination essay?

Roughly speaking, every essay on gender discrimination in education should discuss the topic of ending gender bias. This is what makes it educational. You can use different examples of media to state your point of view and offer your own ideas that are supported by strong arguments and evidence.

2. What are the best gender discrimination essay topics?

There are many essay topics on gender discrimination to write about. If you have problems searching for the right one, here are some ideas for you: 

  1. Gender discrimination against women within the workplace. 
  2. Sexual harassment: meaning, research, and treatment. 
  3. How does sexual harassment differ from gender discrimination. 
  4. Gender bias in religion. 

Remember that your topic must be both interesting and controversial for you and your reader.

3. What are the reason for gender discrimination essay in society?

Regardless of you writing the effects of gender discrimination essay or making a simple informative piece, you should know the reasons for bias in modern society. Usually, it’s the problem of the traditional (patriarchal) value system, low level of literacy, low mobility, lack of self-confidence, and family discouragement.

4. How do you end a gender discrimination essay?

If you are writing a short essay on gender discrimination, its ending must be also short. Briefly restate your thesis statement, making it even more clear and to the point. Sum up your main points from the main body part listing them logically. Finally, write a small yet memorable concluding sentence.


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