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Geostorm - The #1 Movie in the UK

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Questions about Geostorm: 

Explain why you liked or did not like Geostorm.  (10 points) 

Geostorm not only addresses the need for governments to manage political issues but also highlights a relevant concept of saving the planet from climate change. Through the movie, many governments are sensitized to establish solutions that promote environmental safety. People need to understand the impact of the current shift in climate change, and its impact on the earth in the near future. The movie also contains moral lessons that governments of the world ought to work as a team towards developing solutions to climate change. 

2. In your opinion, what was the most memorable scene of the movie?  (10 points) 

The best scene in Geostorm is when the satellites meant to control the global climate is about to attack the earth, and the staff in charge must establish a solution to the problem before the expected terror. Unfortunately, the storm attacked people and their properties. During the attack, some people were taking selfies and this indicated the level of ignorance that people have with regards to care for the environment and the true impact of global warming. 

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3. Give one specific example or explain a scene in Geostorm where the science was inaccurate. (5 points) 

The geoengineering concept seems inaccurate, as the scientists built a satellite that controlled the weather on earth. The science behind the idea failed to explain how the satellites work in controlling the climate. Besides, the scientists did not explain how the satellites caused a Geostorm. The weather control technology is still under research, and this makes this scene a little bogus. The idea is borrowed from an ongoing study, which the pioneers consider it unfinished. 

4 . For that inaccurate science example, explain the correct science. (10 points) 

The correct science for the geoengineering would show how the satellite controls the weather and the corresponding impact on the earth. The technology would also provide a better solution to the weather changes. Besides, the impact could be localized; dealing with the whole globe would be unrealistic. The science behind the control would also correspond to the weather changes in the specific areas. 

5. Give another specific example or explain another scene where the science was inaccurate.  (5 points) 

The countdown clock is another inaccurate scientific idea that made the movie more boring. The clock ticks to show the time that the geostorm would hit. The scientist failed to explain the mechanisms by which the clock connects with energy levels of the geostorm. The clock could have more technology than just a normal timer. This concept makes a viewer even more confused on the knowledge behind the geostorm. 

6. For that second inaccurate science example, explain the correct science.  (10 points) 

The control room for the satellite would show the mechanisms used to measure the time that the Geostorm builds up and when it was likely to strike. The scientists would also establish the magnitude and the strength of the storm and its warning signs. The clock would have special features that indicate the time that the storm would strike. 

7. Geostorm didn't make much money at the box office.  $33 million is an embarrassing gross for a big budget ($120 million), big special effects film. In your opinion, why did few people care to see this movie?  (5 points) 

The few people that watched Geostorm were curious too about the recent scientific developments and how they impact climate change. Besides, they needed to have the first-hand experience of watching the impact of a possibility of a geostorm in the future. Alike, people often question the role of politicians in helping their countries address issues related with climate change The blood boiling discussions and the heated political debates would definitely force one to watch this film. 

Now that you answered the last question with your thoughts, watch this 5-minute video about why Geostorm flopped at the box office:  https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Nn4o9Bc8hwI ( 外部サイトにリンクしています。 ) 外部サイトにリンクしています。   

8. The video gave a lot of reasons why Geostorm was a failure.  In your opinion, which one of those reasons contributed the most to the movie being a failure? (5 points) 

Most people may not prefer to watch a disaster movie or anything that predicts the end of the world. Besides, the director seemed inexperienced in handling science fiction and brings the thrill to the comfort of the audience. The film requires further improvement for it to communicate effectively to the viewers. 

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