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Global Criminal Justice Event: Reuters Journalists in Myanmar

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The primary purpose of criminal justice is to ensure punishment for those found guilty of a crime. The criminal justice system (whose main composition is government agencies and institutions) identifies and catches those who are seen to break the law. They are then subjected to a form of punishment. Crimes against humanity have been prevalent and become a global concern in recent times. These are acts committed deliberately and are neither sporadic nor isolated, but require international government policy. An example of a current global criminal justice event is a Myanmar occurrence as described in this paper.

A description of the Myanmar occurrence reveals that it is a global criminal justice event. The case on crime against humanity occurs in Myanmar where the military personnel seeks to obliterate a minority that is unwanted through rape, mass burning of villages, and massacre (Beech, 2018). About 700,000 Rohingya Muslims flee to Bangladesh. As a result, they now live in the world’s largest refugee settlement, with this violence being considered as genocide by the United Nation’s officials (Beech, 2018). Consequently, the occurrence is not only criminal but also worthy of international intervention.

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Further research reveals evidence of crimes against humanity in the Myanmar occurrence. Notably, everyone in the refugee camps in Bangladesh is well aware of the rapes. Moreover, they are aware of how the military from Myanmar has for years been using sexual violence as a war weapon especially against those who are not from the Buddhist majority (Beech, 2018). This is proof of not only possible genocide but also the intensity of the situation (considering that the crimes are committed openly).

Other than the above, there is further concern about the role of government authorities in enabling the crimes. In particular, two reporters from the state were arrested and charged for breaching the security of the country by investigating the incident. The two, U Wa Lone and U Kyaw Soe Oo were charged with obtaining state secrets and would face up to 14 years in prison (Ives, 2018). This decision has widely been seen as a setback in a nation that was once democratic (Ives, 2018). It is thus inevitable that this ruling is set to provoke international condemnation of the sitting president.

In summary, the Myanmar incidence involving military personnel is a global justice event. It involves crimes against humanity through rape, mass burning of villages, and massacre. Moreover, there is concern that government authorities further enable the crimes, prompting international intervention.


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