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Hitler’s Childhood and Teenage Years

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Adolf Hitler is one of the most famous people in the history of mankind with a unique personality. He was a leader of Nazi Party and German Chancellor, and his leadership was characterized by cruelty, inhuman activities, and insatiable greed of power. As a result, he was labeled a dictator who led the death of about 11 million people during the Second World War. The paper, therefore, analyzes how Hitler’s childhood affected the way he ruled. 

Hitler was brought up by an abusive father who used to beat and punish him, including his mother and his siblings. Consequently, he grew up as an angered and frustrated man, which made him highly aggressive person when he was an adult and a leader (Diamond, 2014). He started showing his suppressed feelings in his later life. Therefore, the hostility that he went through in the hand of his father when he was young made him act aggressively towards other people. 

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Hitler was also frail and sick during his childhood, and he was constantly under heavy medication. He suffered from a number of mental disorders such as insomnia, which affected his psychological development (Hyland, Boduszek & Kielkiewicz, 2011). In addition, the death of his brother Edmund significantly affected his personality development. Before the death of his father in 1900, he was a confident and outgoing child, but he lost his self-esteem and confidence when he lost his brother. Consequently, he started suffering from chronic anxiety and low self-esteem, which made him be excessively aggressive. 

In conclusion, Hitler encountered a number of negative things in his childhood that made him a dictator. He never got enough positive attention from his father, which made him start seeking negative attention, leading to his cruelty. At the same time, he had a number of psychological issues when he was a child that affected his self-esteem and led to high level of anxiety and insecurity. 

Annotated Bibliography 

Diamond, S. (2014). How Mad was Hitler? Retrieved from https://www.psychologytoday.com/blog/evil-deeds/201412/how-mad-was-hitler 

The source by Diamond majorly focuses on the relationship between Hitler’s childhood and his later leadership styles. Diamond argues that the abusive nature of his father and his psychological problems made Hitler be a dictator during his leadership. The source was relevant for the paper because it relates Hitler’s childhood and his leadership. 

Hyland, P., Boduszek, D., & Kielkiewicz, K. (2011). A psycho-historical analysis of Adolf Hitler: The role of personality, psychopathology, and development. Psychology and Society , 4 (2), 58-63. 

The source majorly focuses on the psycho-historical analysis of Hitler by referring back to his early life when he was a child. It argues that Hitler suffered from numerous severe psychological disorders when he was young that ended up affecting his personality. It was a relevant and important source in relating Hitler’s leadership and his childhood. 

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