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Wyclifism as Ideology of Revolution

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Based on the article, communion with the master has been established to be the only reward the Wyclif’s student had. Therefore, it was necessary to develop an understanding of writers whose prefaces are full of vital message and characterized by aspects of devotion’s wisdom and expression. Wyclif was original, and the doctrines he developed were sufficiently resonated with the reality to uphold martyrdom and sedition in both England and Scotland, reformation and revolution in Bohemia (Kaminsky, 1963). The essay seeks to reconstruct the ideas’ system to establish how and why the reform’s vision by professors of Oxford became a program for revolution.

The first concept focused on supporting the thesis was ecclesia where he analyzed papalism’s rejection. The doctrine was attributing ultimate authority to Pope, as Christ’s Vicar was founded on the concept of Hildebrandine from the Roman Church. Evidently, it has been shown that it is within the realm of the tradition of political and evangelical anti-papalism that an individual can clearly understand Wyclif's ecclesiology. The anti-papalism is evident in the objection of the of the church’s canon lawyer's concept. It is clear that the Wyclif's day church was derived from Cesar rather than on Christ. Secondly, he focused on the Wyclif's Concept of the Church (Kaminsky, 1963). In my understanding, I believe that the critical position clearly implies a positive church’s notion as a collectivity of individuals predestined to salvation. In this analysis, wyclif clearly defines the church’s concept of what might be seen as its equivalent identifying the church as a group of faithful. According to Kaminsky (1963), there are instances where an individual might be predestined in the faith, for example, Paul and Peter but will never stop being a church member. An individual condemned to damnation, for instance, Judas Iscariot cannot belong to the church despite the fact that he possesses the right faith.

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The second concept is Regnum where he focused on the Vicariate of Christ. This is simply a form of the religious definition of rulership that does not create any room for anything else while applying to the secular Lords and the King (Kaminsky, 1963). I clearly understand that if Vicariate is spiritual imitation critical for everyone, it might not be the same for everyone. It is, however, vital for all states to follow the ways of Christ in a matter considered proper church’s function. Focusing on the Dominion argument, the God’s form of spiritual and secular authority is dominium. It can be argued that the true lordship is God’s however, human obtain grants of it as a way to accomplish their personal functions. Apparently, the clergy enjoys Christian dominion similar to that experienced by the apostles and Christ (Kaminsky, 1963). 

In the analysis of Lex Christi, the author analyzed the law and the state. In this understanding, the state has collapsed into the realms of the church; however, they must strictly follow Christ’s law. It might be possible in the modern world characterised by diverse religious groups such as Islam and Buddhism who do not believe on Christ. According to Kaminsky (1963), Christ instituted Old and New Testaments law, to direct the works and consciences of the Catholic Church. Therefore, the greatest policy should entail making use of the divine rule. Regulation of the Clergy is also essential. Christ’s laws state that a clergy must live as Christ did. It implies that he can enjoy the use of properties provided that they all fulfill an obligation within the Christian dominion.

In conclusion, from the analysis of the doctrines examined from the article, it can be argued that they are supposed to bring greater reformation. It can be said to be an efficient model of church's condition especially when they enjoy a conversation with Christ. The authorial style adopted by the author is effective in the way he delivered the content to the reader. The organization of the content and language is also simple for easier understanding. The approach is a dynamic application of the God's law, to understand important concept related to the church.


Kaminsky, H. (1963). Wyclifism as ideology of revolution. Church History: Studies in Christianity and Culture, 32(01), 57-74.

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