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How America Has Found Unity and Strength through Hardships

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Just like any other nation, America as a country that has gone through a number of trying times. These range from social to economic, political and to other aspects that affect the growth and the strength of a nation. These challenges have led to a chain of events which in most cases, have boosted the status and position of the nation. For instance, the Civil wars which was between 1961-1965 led to election of Abraham Lincoln as the president of the United States ( Slotkin, 2013) the paper focus on how hardships and challenges have led to the strength and unity of America.

Americans staged a revolution way back before 1776 to liberate themselves and their land from the hands of British in order to attain their independence. The revolution resulted in what can be termed as one of the leading models in the world in fight for political democracy and freedom from slavery. The freedom for the whites had no connection with the bondage of the black Americans from the jaws of slavery and as a result, the African Americans made up the 20% of the population. Besides, the contradiction was further heightened by the federal union which was one of the sections of the American’s constitution drafted in 1787. However, the constitution acknowledged the right for the state to control the menace of slavery under its jurisdiction which was later harmonized to value the rights of blacks and the whites. According to McCloud, & Dwyer (2011), it is as a result of constitution acknowledgement that led to the inclusion of the liberation rights of the whites and the blacks in the so-called federal union. 

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In recent years there has been a rise in threats that are viewed as risks in many countries. A good example is the issue of terrorisms have been on the increase. Terrorisms have reached critical that even the most developed countries like Belgium and France cannot counter it completely. The world is therefore increasingly becoming more dangerous to its citizens. Americans have encountered greater threats than these before. In 1777-1778, the army led by George Washington barely survived in Philadelphia. Washington was a quiet and competent leader who had great determination to ensure all soldiers are retained in the forces finally led to the British relinquishing the colony and hence their independence. 

The joint invasion of Iraq by United States, UK, Australia and Poland in 2003 ended the Saddam Hussein’s government and disarming of Iraq. It was believed that Iraq produced nuclear weapons which posed a lot of threat to America and the world at large. In this mission, a number of American soldiers were killed. Captain Humayan Khan was one of them and the words of his father and the tears shed by his mother was a representation of many other parents who had lost their daughters and sons in the fight for the country’s liberty. The sacrifices, the words, the tears and joint strength of the millions who fought in various capacities but not seen are some of the very critical factors which have kept the country standing in her principles of liberation and unity. This form the basis of foundation of the strength of the nation and freedom.

Civil war is the greatest threat that America has ever experienced. This is the biggest challenge which was the country faced at the foundations of her democracy. Abraham Lincoln happened to be the sitting president at then. He was humble with self-effacing and charming character. His bravery and the support of the soldiers led to reunification and the growth of America to the world leading economic powerhouse. The strong economic base enabled the army to participate in two world wars as well as the cold world war. This earned the nation the title of superpower. This made Ronald Reagan, the U.S president who came after, to shine among many state leaders and the world. ( Slotkin, 2013)

America believes in the spirit of nationalism and teamwork and this means that no single individual can claim to have the capacity to make the country safe. The strength of the nation is built on the willingness of the citizens to defend it. According to John Kennedy, America is ready to pay the price, courageously face any hardship, carry any burden, support her allied nations, stand against any enemy to make sure that liberty survives and succeed.( Boushey, Brocht, Gundersen, 2001)

The hardships and challenges are inevitable for any country. Depending on how the country takes these problems, they may either pin her down or make her develop. For Americans, they have used such situations to shape their destiny and improve greatly in most of the aspects.


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