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How Barbie Lost Her Groove

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A change in the Decision Making Process and Cognitive Mistakes 

The corporate intelligence collected information on sales and movement within the market niche, and in this manner, it acted as an essential tool in decision making for the Mattel managers. The system intertwines with detailed research that involved an analysis of data and information that were important for decision making for the managers. Using the corporate intelligence system, the managers also had a chance to make decisions based on data such as the level of demands for the business (Nash & Duvall, 2005). The action was possible because, within the corporate intelligence system, there was business intelligence software which monitored products movement within the company at the points of sales and reports back the numbers to the corporate system. For instance, the use of the psychographic data assisted the company is telling the children age and relating them with Mattel's dolls. The company was in a position to understand the Mattel Barbie was no longer attractive, and pop stars makeup and trendy clothes were in demand by using the kind of data. These are the nature of the information that aided them such managers in making decisions within the company. 

The Mattel Managers had within their disposal the corporate intelligence system that could help them identify any threats and respond to them faster. Despite such an advantage, the managers failed to identify some of those threats in time and make a decision accordingly. Their inflexibility to change more quickly was contributed to by the internal challenges that distracted the management and created a condition that promoted less flexibility. Regarding this, the management was less-willing to change as required, and this made them inflexible and inadequate to change faster (Nash & Duvall, 2005). The leaders’ action was harmful to the corporate intelligence system since it slowed down the decision-making process as well as the implementation process. 

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Organizational culture and innovation factors that influenced the organization in moving towards a positive direction 

Organization culture sets the borders within which the company operates. It creates shared values and beliefs that guide behaviors within the organization. Culture influences activities that are done within the organizations ( Fugate et al., 2014). On the other side, innovation is what pushes the organization far in the market. Through innovation, a company can find solutions to tackle their problem, and this gives them a better chance to create a competitive environment that brings with it more profits. Mattel, like any other organization, had culture and innovation that were integral in pushing them towards a positive direction. 

Change in leadership is one culture that this company cherished. The company changed its management with the hope that the new managers are likely to bring in a new approach into the organization and new ways of looking into the business environment. In regards to Mattel, there was a change in leadership in 2000 when Robert Eckert became the new CEO of the company. Robert Eckert aim was to shift from the intelligence system to regaining the profitability of the company. In this regard, the company had to make some innovation on their system to suit their needs. They made some improvement on their system procedure and refined their information collection process to help them focus on the future(Nash & Duvall, 2005). In the year 2002, the company also decided to change their chief information officers. After this change, the new chief information officer came up with a new company information system to replace the existing one, which was believed to be old and insufficient(Nash & Duvall, 2005). The culture of changing the management and the innovation of machines and ideas that come alongside the managers moved the organization towards a positive direction. 


Fugate, J. B., Kuntze, R., Matulich, E., Carter, J., & Kluberdanz, K. (2014). Bratz dolls: Responding to cultural change. Journal of Business Cases and Applications , 12 , 1. 

Nash, K. S., & Duvall, M. (2005). How Barbie Lost Her Groove. Baseline, (47), 38-52. 

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