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How Choice of Music Affects Social Life

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Boer, D. & Abubakar, A. (2014). Music Listening in Families and Peer Groups: Benefits for Young People’s Cohesion and Emotional well-Being Across Four Cultures. Frontiers in Psychology. Vol. 5: 392-450

Boer and Abubakar carried out a study on over 700 young people from different countries to find out how music the music they listen, at home and in their social gatherings affect their interpersonal and intrapersonal relationships. They concluded that people who listened to music at home and with their peers had better and stronger relationships. In addition, they are more comfortable in groups as compared to other people. This article is relevant to the topic of study because it tries to explain how music contributes to building stronger ties among friends and families. This is part of the social life of a person. On the other hand, during the gatherings, there are songs they will listen to of which each individual will be comfortable with. This goes back to the choice of music and how it affects social life.

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Dawn, K. (n.d). The Effect of Music on the Human Body and Mind. Retrieved March 22, 2017 from http://digitalcommons.liberty.edu/cgi/viewcontent.cgi?article=1162&context=honors

Music has a significant impact on the body and mind of the human being. Music has been used as a form of entertainment and for therapeutic purposes. During different occasions, different kinds of music are chosen to play the role they are intended for. The kind of music used during a counseling session is not the same as that in the disco. The genre of music a person chooses to listen to affects him or her in a particular manner. There for affecting the social life in one way or the other.

Fuld, G. (2009). Impact of Music, Music Lyrics and Music Videos on Children and Youth. AAP News and Journals . 124(5): 1219- 1230

Fuld discusses how different kinds of music affect the social life of adolescents and children. These two groups tend to listen to many different kinds of music and lyrics. These songs carry different messages that have significant impact on the behavior of an individual. Some songs tend to talk about sexuality and drugs. With this kind of information, a child will get to know of drugs and even indulge in drug abuse. On the other hand, some will talk of education and hence be an encouragement to the listener. The author clearly explains how choice of music can affect the social life of an individual.

Gonzalez, V. (2013). Psychology and Music: Links between Personality and Musical Preference. Retrieved March 22, 2017 from http://vwordpress.stmarys-ca.edu/vgonzalez/2013/02/28/psychology-and-music-links-between-personality-and-musical-preference/

Gonzalez discusses the relationship that exists between the kind of music an individual prefers and the personality of that person. An outgoing person will be more interested in music that each and every person around them prefers. On the contrary, introverts will listen to music that is comfortable to them as individuals. With these two different personalities, people are able to relate more with the extrovert than the introvert. In this case, the choice of music has affected the social interaction and relationship one has. The author focuses on the two personalities and forgets that people are more than only extroverts and introverts.

Hallam, S. (n.d). The Power of Music: Its Impact on the Intellectual, Social and Personal development of children and Young people. Retrieved March 22, 2017 from http://www.laphil.com/sites/default/files/media/pdfs/shared/education/yola/susan-hallam-music-development_research.pdf

Hallam vividly explains the effect of music on the daily lives of individuals. The article particularly focuses on young people because it is at this age that people’s morals and social life are developed. The kind of music one listens to impacts the behavior a child will grow up with. This is because it communicates different information to the young person. The information mostly relates to the social life of the young individual. The article is important to the topic because explains how choice of music can affect the social life of a child or an adolescent.

Johnstone, J. & Katz, E. (2010). Youth and Popular Music: A Study in the Sociology of Taste. American Journal of Sociology. 62(6): 563-568

Johnstone and Katz have tried to bring out the relationship that exists between the youth and the kind of music they listen to. The music greatly affects how they behave at different levels of their lives. The article is relevant to the topic because it clearly puts across the relationship between the choice of music and the social life of the youth and how they relate with other people. 

Premuzic, C. T & Furnham, A. (2013). Personality and Music: Can Traits Explain How People Use music in everyday Life? British Journal of Psychology . Vol. 98: 175-185

The authors conducted a study on over 200 individuals to identify how personal traits are affected by the kind of music people listen to. In addition, they explain how music affects the daily lives of people. This article is important on the topic of study because it tries to bring out the relationship that exists between music and the personality of a person. An individual will choose music that they can relate with and that which had significance attachment to their daily lives thus affecting their social life.

Taylor, E. (2016). Music and Its Effects on our Creativity, Social Interaction and Intellect. Retrieved March 22, 2017 from https://www.workinentertainment.com/blog/music-and-its-affects-on-our-creativity-social-interaction-and-intellect/

Taylor vividly describes how different genres of music affect the emotions of a person and how they evoke certain reactions in an individual. The choice of music a person makes may impact how they perform a duty, relate with other people and also balance between moods. These changes in turn affect how a person will relate to other people. The author puts the explanation in a simple and understandable manner. Different types of music affect how creative one can get, how intellectual they can be and above all how they socialize with others.

White, G.C. (2001). The effects of Class, Age, Gender and race on Musical Preferences: An Examination of the Omnivore/ Univore Framework

White brings out how different social classes choose their music and the importance of the music to their daily lives. Different classes of people, age, gender and race listen to different music because of various reasons. Some have personal attachments to them while others listen to them because the people who sang them are known to them. When these people mix up, they will find it difficult to choose music each person can listen to thus affecting their social interaction.

Wixom, R.M. (n.d). The Influence of Music. Retrieved March 22, 2017 from https://www.lds.org/youth/article/the-influence-of-music?lang=eng

Wixom discusses how music affects individuals. The kind of music a person listens to affect their emotions. It might play a role of reminding them of something they had long forgotten about. On the other hand, it might play help remind an individual of an event. Different people will tend to come together and listen to different songs because they have some sentimental attachment to it. The article echoes the views of Gonzalez on the influence of different music genres on individual personalities.

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