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How Does Weather Affect My Solar Power Production

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The use of solar energy as a renewable energy source is affected by various conditions, which tend to reduce its efficiency. For instance, a home that is located in a region prone to lightning and hail, the use of higher quality panels or integration additional grounding equipment is important (Cotton & Pielke, 1995). Homes located in the Southwest of America should understand the impact of extreme temperatures on the efficiency of their solar panel. In this study, I will describe various ways through which weather conditions hamper the efficiency of my solar power production.

For optimal solar production, solar panels need exposure to the sun’s energy, which reaches the surface of the earth as photons. The latter is changed into direct current (DC) electricity and then into alternating current (AC) through the system’s inverter, which is the usable solar energy for my home. On a cloudy day, the clouds sizably reduce the amount of sunlight that reaches the solar panels. Thus, dark clouds and heavy rains decrease the amount of solar production (Cotton & Pielke, 1995).

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I have come to relate with fog and mist as a common weather condition San Francisco. However, I still have sustainable solar energy production. Though the sun is invisible, some light still penetrates through the clouds. Generally, solar panels utilize both direct and diffuse light. The latter entails the light reflected off buildings, the clouds, and other shiny surfaces. Regardless the form of sunlight, my solar panels still produces sufficient electricity. As mentioned, the combination of both heavy spots of rain and clouds decrease the level of my solar production. 

However, the notion does not apply when it comes to rain. On the contrary, rain is beneficial to my solar energy system because it eradicates the dirt and debris limiting the exposure of the panels to the sunlight (Cotton & Pielke, 1995). This also shows that air quality is influential because the possible photochemical formed in the air may reduce the efficiency of the panels. However, I noted that high temperatures decreased the energy output because of the decrease in voltage. 

Work Cited

Cotton, W. R & Pielke. R. A. (1995). Human Impacts on Weather and Climate . Cambridge University Press, 1995

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