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How socialization impacts our beliefs, behaviour and actions

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This paper aims to reflect on how to socialize by exploring how I was taught to make friends, develop social behaviors, and form my opinions about social justice issues. Socialization refers to the techniques which people learn to conform to their social values, roles, and norms. Thus, it is apparent that socialization involves how an individual is molded into a person who can interact with others according to society’s expectations. 

Ways to Make Friends 

According to how I was taught, there are various ways that I can make friends. The first step of making friends is finding potential friends, which can be done by evaluating my current connection with people and meeting some new friends (Carnegie, 2016). Drawing the current connection is more comfortable since I do not have to move around to meet strangers to make friends but involves turning existing contacts into full-edged friends. All I have to do is start interacting with some people who have ever shown some interest in me, but I have never talked to them or people that I occasionally see. The second way is visiting new environments or workplaces to meet some new people, and I should try to get to know them by chatting to create some connection. The second step is inviting new people to spend some time with them. For instance, in my new workplace I can invite my colleagues for a hike where we can interact further (Carnegie, 2016). Once I have met new people, it is good to do something new outside the situation I met them in. Lastly, acquiring people’s contact information is another thing to consider in making friendship (Carnegie, 2016). It is important because I may meet an interesting person in my life, but I cannot assume it is automatic to meet them again in the future. Thus, it is essential to ask for their emails addresses or phone numbers, which will offer an opportunity to reach each other easily though you are far from each other. 

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How to Develop Social Behavior 

According to how I was taught to develop social behavior, I need to build good relationships with other individuals which can considerably reduce anxiety and stress in my life (Carnegie, 2016). Thus, having good friends can serve as a way to help me avoid feelings of low mood and anxiety. Anxiety can contribute to my avoidance of social situations and hinder me from developing social behavior. For instance, in a situation I desperately want to make new friends, anxiety can act as an obstacle since I will be too fearful of reaching out to others. 

How to Form my Opinion about Social Justice 

According to how I was taught, for social justice to prevail all people in the society should be exposed to equal opportunities, rights, and privileges (Sensoy & DiAngelo, 2017). In short, everybody in society should have equal access to the benefits of social cooperation. Thus, to form my opinion about social justice, I was always taught to check if equality exists among the people. However, in case any form of inequality or discrimination is observed that means there is social injustice in the community 

Conclusively, socialization is a central influence on the beliefs, behavior, and actions for an individual. In this scenario, socialization involves making friends, the development of social behavior, and opinions abo32ut social justice. From the reflection above, to make new friends, one needs to meet potential people, doing something new with them, as well as acquiring their contacts. In regards to social behavior development, I need to build a good relationship with other people. Lastly, according to how I was taught, my opinion about social justice is based on equality in society. 


Carnegie, D. (2017).  How to Stop Worrying and Start Living & How to Make Friends and Influence People: From the Greatest Motivational Speaker of 20th Century and Creator of The Quick and Easy Way to Effective Speaking & The Art of Public Speaking . Musaicum Books. 

Sensoy, O., & DiAngelo, R. (2017).    Is everyone really equal: An introduction to key concepts in social justice education . Teachers College Press. 

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