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How to Choose a Franchise Opportunity

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There are lots of incoming generating franchise opportunities that I would like to start this year as a way of solidifying my financial status. Apart from offering my economics need, they are based on my dreams; therefore, something that may change my life as well as the lives of those around me. Here is the list: 

Dream Vacation: Offers clients with planning opportunity regarding the vacations that they will remember for the rest of their lives. ( Castrogiovanni, 2018). 

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Fitness together: Fitness together, as a company, offers clients the chance to train and obtain health fitness ideas. 

Outdoor Connection. Provides people who would like to engage in outdoor activities with the ability to plan well and make it a great success. 

My Top Two Franchise Activities 

Weed Man: Provides lawn care to clients. If I can start this, it would give an opportunity to work around in my community and neighboring areas while earning a substantial amount of money. It requires little startup. 

Recruit. It is one of the sports fans starting point. As a franchisee of the same, it functions to obtain data and other relevant information on athletes and then finding the top talents ( Chopra et al, 2018) . As a lover of sports, I would work to promote the sport. It will offer me the opportunity to analyze sport’s data and use the same to recruit top talents. Also, it has low starting financial demands of about $20,000. 

Franchising is no doubt, a better way to start doing business ( Rickne, Ruef, & Wennberg, 2018). Weed Man, for example, has a long history of franchise role; therefore, I stand minimal chance of failure with this. The sport has many enthusiasts, which will enable me to capture the market. Apart from the top two, I like Dream Vacation, Fitness Together, and Outdoor Connection. 


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Rickne, A., Ruef, M., & Wennberg, K. (2018). The socially and spatially bounded relationships of entrepreneurial activity: Olav Sorenson—recipient of the 2018 Global Award for Entrepreneurship Research. Small Business Economics , 1-11. 

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