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How to Do Research Work

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Research is defined as the systematic investigative process that is often employed with the aim of revising or increasing the current knowledge through a process of finding out new facts. Research can be the basic research that aims at increasing the scientific knowledge or can be applied knowledge that aims at applying the basic research to solve problems or to develop new products, techniques, or processes. Research often faces challenges that are related to bias. However, researchers often aim at working diligently to make sure that there are safeguards against biases. The process, in turn, helps in making sure that there is quality in the data that is collected during the research. Working diligently involves following the necessary guidelines. 

The First Step in the Student’s Guide to Research 

The first step in the student’s guide to research is selecting the subject of research. Students need to choose the topic carefully while considering the time that would be needed to complete the research, the intended audience, the length of the research paper, and the limits of the available resources. In addition, it is vital for students to look in the library to make sure that a sensible amount of data is available on the subject under research. 

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Personal Definition of the First Step 

The first step of any research can be defined as the process of brainstorming and getting a subject that best suits researcher. The topic needs to be relevant and also needs to have enough background information to ensure that the analysis is easy. 

Major Assumptions and Bias of the Drug Industry that Underlie Drug Research 

The major assumptions and bias that underlie drug research in the drug industry include the fact that most of the drug companies are operating for profit. Therefore, it is unethical and a big conflict of interest for these companies to fund any form of research. Healthcare now is seen to be turned into a business and is no longer aimed at meeting the best interest of patients. Most of the drug companies are mainly interested in making money and thus find themselves skewing the research using various tactics to make sure that the public does not become any wiser. Basically, they coerce every individual who is involved in the research and use the manipulative PR tactics so that they can cover up the findings to favour their products or research with the aim of misleading or confusing the public (Whoriskey, 2012) . They often give different degrees of truth on the way in which the research was conducted, the way in which the findings were evaluated, and the way in which every individual who was involved in the research was compensated. Researchers can also choose to report only the positive results while living out the negative results of the research. Therefore, the major assumption is that and bias is the financial connection where researchers are paid to ensure that the results are in favour of these companies. 

Personal Bias 

On a personal level, there is the possibility of bias on the drug industry’s influence on the research. One bias is that these companies spend a lot of money in developing the drugs and thus, would want the research to be in their favour so that they can sell the drugs. 


Research is considered to be vital in any sector but, there is the risk of bias especially in the drug industry. Bias and assumptions are that the companies in the industry often want the research to be in their favour because of the money put in developing the drugs. The second one is that they often give different degrees of truth. 


Whoriskey, P. (2012, 11 24). As drug industry’s influence over research grows, so does the potential for bias . Retrieved from THE WASHINGTON POST: https://www.washingtonpost.com/business/economy/as-drug-industrys-influence-over-research-grows-so-does-the-potential-for-bias/2012/11/24/bb64d596-1264-11e2-be82-c3411b7680a9_story.html 

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