20 Aug 2022


How to Improve Employee Performance with SAS

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SAS is a business analytics software vendor located in North Carolina. The company offers several benefits to the employees which motivate them and hence increase their performance. For instance, the company provides an excellent paycheck to their employees. They are also given first-class medical, vision and dental care to their whole family. Also, there are other benefits that the company offers which are very important to their employees as they give them a chance to be with their families. 

The company has a subsidized cafeteria which contains kids' menu. It encourages parents to have lunch together with their kids since it also offers daycare for the employees who have kids. The company provides a good work and life balance to its employees. The employees work for 37.5 hours in a week which is not the case in most of other companies ( Johns & Saks, 2001) . The workers are given freedom to attend to their family matters since it trusts its employees will eventually do the job assigned to them. The employees are given private office which encourages them to make their workplaces fun and hence increase their performance. The company also provides a fitness center and a state of the art recreation. 

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These offers motivate the employees and encourage having a long-term commitment to the company. In most businesses, the schedules are tight and no permission to get out of the office anytime ( Johns & Saks, 2001) . There is distrust between the employer and the employees which hinder their performance. The fact that the check is excellent and the working condition are favorable, everyone would want to work in such environment, and those who have the chance cannot easily let it go. 

These benefits create a balance between family and work. The fact that the working hours are lesser in a week than other companies, it means more time for family. The parents are given a chance to be with their kids, have lunch together and can see each other during the working day. The practice provides the employees with an opportunity to balance between work and family. 


Johns, G., & Saks, A. M. (2001). Organizational behavior: Understanding and managing life at work. 

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