29 Jun 2022


Importance of Training Needs Analysis

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Organizations are consistently working towards building a competent workforce. While recruitment processes ensure that the organization hires competent workers, their skills and knowledge progressively become obsolete and irrelevant within the organization in the advent of first evolving technology. As such, there is a need for continuous training of the workforce. A prerequisite for training in contemporary organizations is training needs analysis. It involves identifying performance and knowledge gaps among the workforce to tailor and schedule training addressing such gaps in performance. 

Training gap analysis is of great importance to the organization. First, it helps the organization to work on improving relevant competencies rather than the general workforce capability. By analyzing where the gap is in performance, the organization can improve only those competencies and skills within the workforce that will add value to the organization. Secondly, training needs analysis helps the organization to commit resources only to human resource trainings to enhance the organizational performance. Every organization is seeking to maximize resource utilization throughout its value chain. Consequently, focusing on training need analysis helps to prevent wastage of resources in training and only focus on the required and relevant training. 

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Organizations are currently shifting from systematic training towards a more learner-centered approach in training. Ideally, the learner-centered approach evaluates the skills, competencies, and knowledge that is lacking in every employee. The training equips the employee with relevant skills, which makes them effective when discharging their roles. On the other hand, systematic training is not based on learner needs but rather a structured training. As such, it has the potential to provide irrelevant skills to employees that will not add value to the organization. 

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