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O*Net Job Analysis: The Ultimate Guide

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Job Description 

According to Phillips & Gully ( n.d. ), job analysis is a methodical procedure of describing and identifying the significant aspects of an occupation and different characteristics employees require to perform a particular position well. For the assignment, I am modeling a retail sales person. The job of a retail sales person is to sell to a customer directly. Retail sales people sell numerous products including electronics, supplies, beauty, and clothing. One should not confuse a retail sales person to a sales representative since a sales person does not sell or represent any industrial product.

Often, the sales person clarifies the benefits of a product or service to the customer and helps him or her to make a decision of whether or not to purchase the product. Therefore, a retail sales person’s sole duty is to be aware of the proportions, sales, and/or availability of every item within a store for him or she to serve a consumer’s needs better. In addition, the knowledgeable suggestions of a retail sales person may assist in creating a good reputation and escalating the sales of products.

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Competency Model 

Occupation Specific Necessities 

Describes a particular product and clarifies its operation and use to the consumer

Receives a customer and assists him or her to find whatever they seek within the shop

Compute the entire sales prices, purchases and accepts the payment

Responds to questions regarding a product and the store

Help in locating and selecting the desired product to customers consistent with their desires and needs

Management Competencies 

Performing and working directly for a customer or the public and dealing people directly

Obtaining every information concerning a product from every relevant resource

Convincing consumers to purchase the products and alter their actions or minds.

Handles the shop’s ethical environment

Represents the store/shop and communicate with individuals outside the business

Work Environment Competencies 

Gathers significant information regarding consumers and products

Process sales

Maintains the accounts and business transaction records

Greet customers and prepare sales contracts

Deals with different consumers via the telephone

Works with work groups and is in constant interaction with others

Academic Skills and Competencies 

Should have a High school Diploma

Fluent in his or her speech

A good listener and Pays attention to others

Service oriented and helpful to others

Can calculate and balance the books

Have basic computer skills

The Process of Developing the Model 

According to Berry (2009), the O*NET website database can benefit HRM (Human Resource Management), by supporting the development of person specification and job descriptions. The competency model shown above is an easy description of what is required of a retail sales person. The model is easy to develop by the using the O*NET Web site . The competency model clearly defines the set of requirements into the data from the website. Additionally, one can easily develop the model by classifying the competencies systematically into different segments including technical, workplace, academic, and management (Mansfield, 1996).

Training or Competency 

According to Phillips & Gully ( n.d. ), competency is certainly related to the process of selection, training, motivation, and performance appraisal. HR professionals might further benefit from widening their cognizance of competency modelling and job analysis to applying these procedures in HRM ( Berry, 2009) . The competencies above are not essentially required while hiring an individual for the position of a retail sales person. However, previous work and some experience related skill and knowledge are usually essential. For example, explaining to customers concerning the advantages of a particular product. A retail sales person should be able to operate any technological tools needed within the store. This a identified apprentice program could be connected to the job so that an individual can develop the required competencies and accomplish the best in his or her job.


Berry, J. (2009). The application of job analysis, the O*NET and competency modelling in New Zealand organizations . The University of Waikato, Hamilton, New Zealand. Retrieved from http://hdl.handle.net/10289/3955 

Mansfield, R. S. (1996). Building competency models: Approaches for HR professionals. Human Resource Management (1986-1998), 35(1), 7.

Phillips, J., & Gully, S.  Strategic staffing

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