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How to Lead a Virtual Team

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Change in leadership in any given organization is a process that requires careful handling and monitoring of all steps taken to ensure that a smooth transition is experienced. The greatest challenge experienced by Raygen Company is the fact that operations and activities were once very successful and smoothly running. As a new team leader, there is a large task ahead of ensuring that the team is well coordinated in order to achieve the successes that were once experienced in the company. There are several strategic factors that need to be incorporated and comparisons made as to what the team used to do that they do not do at present. 

As a new team leader, the first important aspect to consider is to conduct a face to face conversation with all employees who have various responsibilities to achieve the overall company objectives. Employees take seriously conversations they have with their leaders, and this would be a great source of information about what they feel should be done in order to take the company back to where it was ( Hunt & Weintraub, 2016) . A major possibility as to why the company is not performing as well as before would probably be because of lack of proper teamwork. The method of approaching individual employees and getting their opinions on how this can be improved may be very crucial to bringing back the spirit of working together as a team and thus bring back the success of the firm. 

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Some employees may not be comfortable with face to face meetings with a manager or team leader, and thus they may prefer other methods such as filling out questionnaires and surveys which also give crucial and reliable information as to the improvements that can be adjusted to benefit the company in terms of operations and advertising. Acquiring information from employees on their opinions is a good strategy since they provide information with conditions that they are willing to work best with ( Hunt & Weintraub, 2016) . When these views have been collected, it will be a good decision to gradually implement them so that the team members can work in the conditions they suggested would be best for them and thus achieve team success. 

Another factor that should be implemented as soon as leadership is attained is to introduce a way in which progress can be measured ( Hayes, 2014) . This is important for the manager so as to have a record of activities that lead to achievements of the team goals. Success is not instant but progressive, and the manager should be in charge of ensuring that the progressive path to success is constant and moving towards the overall success of the team ( Hunt & Weintraub, 2016) . The method to measure this success should be a compilation of ideas brought forward by the employees of the firm. This will ensure that their efforts are measured by means also suggested by them. 

There are common goals that the organization may have among their employees. From these goals and targets that employees set, there are those which are common to a large number of employees. These should be decided upon by the manager and come up with a set of agreed goals which majority of the employees are comfortable with. Having come up with a set of agreed goals, the manager should come up with a set of prioritized goals. This means that there should be a priority list of the kind of goals that should be given emphasis by the employees more than others. Additionally, the priority list of goals and achievements should be added in such a way that they should drive the team to attain the set goals and objectives most. The importance of this is to avoid employees focusing too much on targets that will not bear much fruit. Rather, they should focus on those who will bear more fruit and hasten the process of achieving success once again. It is the work of the team leader to ensure that all employees fully understand this and work towards the agreed set of objectives and targets based on their priority and urgency. 

As a team leader, it is also expected that the employees understand what is expected of them and the importance of attaining these performances. It is of benefit to them, the employees and the entire organization as a whole. This clarification should also entail informing the employees that the overall success of the firm is dependent on their success individually. This will also help in enhancing teamwork since all employees will focus on how their individual achievements affect the business as a whole. 

Another role as a team leader is to ensure that for every achievement attained by the employees, he or she acknowledges them ( Hayes, 2014) . This is an important strategy set out to keep the employees motivated at all times. Research shows that employees perform better when they are constantly motivated. This increases their enthusiasm for teamwork and makes them hungry for success making it easy for it to reach the targets. The team leader should also be on the frontline of keeping the confidence of the entire team high. This should be done by constantly reminding the team members that it is possible to achieve great success for the company and restore the glory that was once experienced in the company. Rewarding top performing employees also makes them more motivated and appreciated. It also increases the sense of competition within the members making them perform better. 

Proactive management is also an important aspect of achieving success for the team. The team leader should be at the frontline of handling various issues first hand. Many employees take this as a form of leading through example. Many staff does not appreciate leaders who blurt orders to them and do nothing. They prefer someone who takes an active role in the matters of the firm. Leaders play a very crucial role in managing their firms and ensuring that the employees work dedicatedly towards achieving the set objectives. 

There are many challenges that may be experienced by a leader while trying to incorporate these strategies to achieve organizational success. Some regulations may be regarded to be extremely strict with some employees and thus instill a sense of pressure that may not be well received by the employees. Additionally, a leader may be faced with challenges such as a change in organizational structure which may make it difficult to achieve the objectives of the firm ( Grossman & Valiga, 2016) . There are other external factors that may make it difficult for a team leader to achieve the individual success of employees and the institution as well. Factors such as competition from other companies and environmental factors such as a change in government policies may make it difficult for them to achieve success such as those they used to have in earlier years as Raygen Company. 


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