30 Nov 2022


How to Persuade an Audience to Accept Your Ideas

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From what I have learned this week when trying to persuade an audience to accept my ideas or when in a sales situation I would apply the principle of scarcity, reciprocity, one-track approach and emotion creation (Cardon, 2014). One of the ways to put this into practice is to show the audience that you have their goodwill at heart. Additionally, I would make sure the information am putting across is disarming so as to prevent the audience from forming a defensive attitude. The message should avoid putting my audience in a situation where they feel that their pride is at stake. Furthermore, respect to the ideas and intelligence of the audience is important as it gives room form my audience to reciprocate the same to my ideas (Cardon, 2014).

The use of visual communication is important. To improve my communication, I will use visual content that does not confuse my audience that will increase their concentration, simple to understand and importantly not to use too much visual that will dilute the message and content (McKay, 2009). Giving a good story a fighting chance will improve my communication as it will enable me to give the audience a story which they can relate with more easily as compared to literature that they don’t really understand (McKay, 2009).

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What I have learned this week will help me improve my professional presence as it helps me to pass the information to my audience I a simple and easy way. Additionally, I have acquired skills that will enable me to understand my audience better so that I give them the information they need and not the information I think they need (Munter, 2006). The challenge I have faced this week is on the use of visual material in communication. In many cases, I have used visual to replace the main points leading to many visual contents in my presentation. To solve this, I tried to reduce media content and replace it with explanations and stories that will be more acceptable to my audience (Gibson, 2002).


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