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How to Protect Yourself from Identity Theft

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Identity theft involves the appropriation of one's personal information including examples of document identifiers like driving license numbers, social security numbers, account information and financial cards. My topic of interest is to study and narrow down into offering a mini-literature review. From the researches, Identity theft has sufficiently reduced the society into the brink of collapsing. The study about identity theft facilitates entities and individuals to make the necessary precautions that avoid their likelihood of being targets. 

The article, Identity theft: The facts, the risks, and what consumers can do, resonates around the facts that have been surrounding the activity that has become an industry on boom fo crime. It goes with the assertion that it can happen to anyone hence generating a lot of problems. From the article, it is identified that the damages range from the credit to disqualification from the loans services, to the draining of the bank account. In most cases, the article records that the extent extends to the arrest of an individual wrongfully (Spector, 2018) . The article recognizes some of the identity theft that has been carried out in a massive way. 

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From the article, The apparatus of fraud risk , it is mentioned about the laws, the best practice guides, besides, compliance officers, relevant textbooks and risk maps that are relevant to Identity Theft as a crime. There is chief focus for a great deal of the law and criminological research. The research questions involve the variation between Fraud risks and actual fraud, and the roles and position, roles and responsibilities of systems and management as far as fraud are concerned. The primary objective of this subject is to challenge the common sense idea that the present shape of fraud risk management is a functional necessity demanded by fraud events (Power, 2013). The paper has found out that projects of individualization and responsibilization have enabled the rise of fraud risk management and its favorite position within the governance of corporates. Managerial responsibility is essential in the control of fraud. Framing the future management of fraud cases is necessary. There is the importance of focusing on fraud as through proper criminological research. Institutions must focus their attention towards the trend of the growth of fraud. 

The article, My Three Years in Identity Theft Hell by Drew Armstrong, captures a narration by a client who had a hard time expressing the painful scenario of losing the identity. The client tries to offer proof to the bank of his credit bureaus and other financial institutions and that he was not a thief. The client explains how extent the fraud has gone up to the point that he was linked to a bank unknowingly and it was a plan to detach him (Armstrong, 2017) . The mess that was created is still remarkable as the effects were great. 

From the article, Crime and Justice in Digital Society, it is acknowledged the sources of its information from its provided list of references at the end of the publication. The objective of the study was to analyze how modern technological advancement has inspired cybercrime. The research question involves how can the interdisciplinary concepts of the digital society inspire innovative crime. The main findings of the study are; the incorporation of technology has changed our daily lives tremendously, as technology is advancing our lifestyle, technology is also advancing crime, technology has inspired online fraud and crime, the emerging trend of technology crime can be resolved through the proper study of digital criminology (Stratton, Powell, & Cameron, 2017). 

An article, Identity theft growing, costly to victims by J. Craig Anderson, captures the narration that the identity theft expects surpassing the theft cultivated traditionally and to be the leading form of crime to property. An explosion encompasses the theft of a credit card as per the figures captured from research (Anderson, 2013) . The crime is identified as a big business now as the number of the programs that are malicious has exponentially grown up to a very great number. Swiping off the cards is one of the most famous ways of stealing the identity as recorded in the article. 

From the article, Revitalizing Criminological Theory , the authors of the book are both criminologists who have other publications in the fields of sociology, history and Radical Theory. The research question involves how the ultra-realism of the Human being is connected to their contributions to global crime. The findings of the study are; humanity has contributed to the criminal motivations that have brought about by hi-tech, the concept of “harm” can be used to explain the contemporary state that the globe is exposed to due to advanced crime, and the best way to help criminology is to present the reality of the times we are living (Winslow & Hall, 2015). 

From the article, Identity theft has never been more rampant by Kathy Kristof, and it is recorded that the identity theft hit a high record in the year 2017. The cases of crime have received immense improvement as the way of accessing the segments that are paramount has been identified. The article records that in the previous cases, those involved in crime would get and make sales of bits and pieces of one's personal information. The article asserts that the measures suggested are not foolproof hence author suggesting that it will be paramount to check and monitor the accounts regularly, and if anything uncommon happens to be reported to the authorized services (Kristof, 2018) . 

From the article, Cyberfraud, global trade, and youth crime burden , the research involves the relationship between modern technology and the multiplicity of fraud. The findings of the study are; the involvements of Nigerians in various cyber-crimes are responsible for their troubles, the economic troubles have contributed to the economic deterioration of Nigeria, and this has led the Nigerian youths to venture in Cyberfraud (Jegede, 2014). 

The author Kelli B. Grant authored the article for investor toolkit. The author affirms that identity theft is not only a problem for the adult people but the children as victims as well. The author adds that more than one million kids are affected by the theft as per the reports by a research firm. The victims range between age seven or even younger (Grant, 2018) . With that, it is like six of the ten children that are victims have personal knowledge of the perpetrator. 

The article, Cultural, Legal, Technical, and Economic Perspectives on Copyright Online, there is the employment of economic quantitative and qualitative methods to analyze its findings. The main research involves how complicated the link between pervasiveness and persuasiveness is. From the research, the main findings of the study are; according to the survey, online sharing is not online theft, honesty in computer and online sharing are a sign of successful adaptation, and a breach of online copyright rules comprises online fraud (David, 2013). 

The concepts of Multidisciplinarity and Interdisciplinarity, and Importance of Interdisciplinarity 

The multidisciplinary research brings together the different disciplines to talk about an aspect from the different areas in perspective. There may be a collaboration of the aspects, but there is maintenance if the separation of the different aspects of the process of collaboration. With the completion of a project, the disciplines back to their respective initial place to ignite other projects. 

Interdisciplinary on the other hand brings the same categories together in a similar manner. Also, with the expertise, there is the creation of new models and other activities that could not occur if there is separate handling. The interdisciplinary is important is a social science. There is a wider range of audience, and the results of the interdisciplinary research facilitate it. Also, there is a better explanation of the work and the predictions of work. (Grant, 2018) Alongside, better normative work is an activity and a priority with the type of research. Also, There is a great inspiration of the confrontation of the questions that may be hard to occur in someone and assertion of a response to the hyper-specialization that is in a way taking over multiple of quarters related to academic. 


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