Free Identity Essays: Writing Guide, Outline & Examples

Writing a competent essay about identity is considered to be a troublesome task for students. It is hard to answer and discuss personal self-identification. Such written assignments have the goal of engaging students’ thinking about uniqueness and personality. Successful task completion is possible only after an in-depth analysis of the author's unique traits and character. To create beautiful, explanatory essays on identity we advise studying the paper examples below. Such an approach is useful for any student without experience in writing similar pieces.

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17 Sep 2023

How to Find Your Cultural Identity

Culture refers to the ideas, customs, and social behaviors of a specific group of people or a society as a whole. I belong to the white race, and I am an English speaker. I am a female, and this is how I identify...

Words: 279

Pages: 1

Views: 148

17 Sep 2023

What Is Identity Politics?

Becoming a President in the world`s greatest nation is no mean achievement. It is, nevertheless, a daunting task especially when people expect a lot to be done. Most importantly, every move that such a person makes...

Words: 1217

Pages: 4

Views: 339

17 Sep 2023

How to Understand and Develop Your Racial Identity

In all social contexts, the best way to share information on racial identity development with staff is to talk about it continually. School leaders should speak, learn, and understand the concepts behind racial...

Words: 598

Pages: 2

Views: 204

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Professional Identity of the Nurse: Scope of Nursing Practice

Background Professional identity is a type of social identity that collectively describes all the skills, values, beliefs, and attitudes common in a given profession. It defines the interaction between members...

Words: 554

Pages: 2

Views: 135

17 Sep 2023

Personal Identity and Psychological Continuity

Questions about personal identity have been grappling the field of psychology for years now. The answer to such questions requires people to make certain judgments concerning what makes up a person. One of these...

Words: 835

Pages: 3

Views: 160

Identity Fraud: How to Protect Yourself

Identity fraud refers to a crime where someone wrongfully obtains and uses another’s personal data in a manner involving deception for economic gain. The offense was not that relevant years ago. Recently, however, it...

Words: 629

Pages: 2

Views: 84

17 Sep 2023

Who Are We? The Challenges to America’s National Identity

Who Are We? The Challenges to America’s National Identity Moving through Huntington’s book “Who Are We?”, it becomes clear that the author draws a particular attention to a fundamental change in terms of the way...

Words: 1182

Pages: 4

Views: 398

17 Sep 2023

The Development of Identity and Self-Concept

Parents and primary givers play a significant role in determining the identity and the life concept of the infants as they grow up from toddlers to preschoolers. The children as soon as they join elementary schools,...

Words: 1104

Pages: 3

Views: 57

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17 Sep 2023

Dissociative Identity Disorder: Symptoms, Causes, and Treatment

Dissociated Identity Disorder (DID) is one of the most challenging disorders to manage. DID is a fascinating disorder as the patient must present at least two personalities with unique patterns of perception. The...

Words: 1155

Pages: 4

Views: 162

17 Sep 2023

Identity Politics: What They Are and How to Respond

Identity politics has been defined as one’s political positions, which are based on the interests of the social groups that they identify with, including but not limited to their race, sexual orientation, language,...

Words: 468

Pages: 1

Views: 93


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Best College Essays About Identity

Identity college essays are often considered the hardest. Self-reflection and self-analysis are not something you want to share with the world. Some students try resigning from this written assignment. Not many of them know about free online paper samples.

College students rarely have free time for reflecting and analyzing their own mental state. Multiple tasks and hobbies occupy every minute of their life. Finding additional hours for self-digging is almost impossible. Identity essays for college require more than just an analysis of personality. They ask for substantial writing skills and developed argumentation as well as description abilities. Mastering these actions takes more time than any student can spare.

That’s why these proposed college identity essay examples are so helpful. Following existing articles allows for significant time-saving. Just open a sample, study it swiftly, and create a custom, unique piece! Take a look at a profile essay example, it should help you with self-analysis.

Identity Essay Samples in PDF

Every proposed college essay on identity sample features certain benefits. These benefits make our examples better than others you can find online. Here’s a short list of such positives:

  • Developed structuring

Each sample of college essays about identity demonstrates a solid outline beneath every sentence. It provides stability and coherency.

  • Specific vocabulary

Wide selection of appropriate vocables are used to their fullest. Topic-related wording is used extensively.

  • Strong argumentation

If any reasoning is used, it’s done academically correct. All reasons have credible proofs and credible data sources.

  • Colorful description

Explanations and depictions utilize an infinite potential of the English language. Texts show superb use of suitable wording.

  • Compliance with regulations

Donated by students, papers fulfill every requirement of authors’ institutions. Copying these samples results in compliance with all common rules.

Identity Paper Examples for Free

Creating papers on identity results in improvements of multiple student's traits. Such scholarly pieces have a profound impact on these aspects:

  • Self-understanding

Looking at and analyzing the author's personality is always helpful. A better understanding of self results in improved life planning to find true dreams and fix mental issues.

  • Psychological assessment

Students learn to apply psychology to various situations in life. Such ability greatly enhances coping, problem-solving, etc.

  • Critical thinking

A similar identity paper is often asked for a critical assessment of the author's personality. Learning to look critically at things perfects research and analytical abilities. 

  • Writing skills

Written piece creation leads to better writing quality. Polishing this skill sooner effectively amplifies the speed and quality of any other academic assignment.

Identity College Essay Examples

Every young author benefits from free college essays about identity examples. Having a competent paper you can copy saves precious hours every student doesn’t have. Well-designed pieces educate students better than any lecture.

Provided college essay examples about identity showcase multiple approaches to this topic. Each author selected their own strategy for article creation and argumentation. Browse through hundreds of free papers – find yours.

Now you may ask: “I have selected my identity essay examples, what’s next?” All that’s left is to carefully analyze each one. Examine them for writing clues, helpful wording, and structuring tricks. Learn new argumentation techniques and reasoning tactics. Repurpose elements, rewrite sentences, and reuse certain arguments. Apply new knowledge in custom academic pieces for superb scores.

Identity Argumentative Essay

Argumentative essay topics about identity suggest providing reasoning to prove something. Such articles have a heavy reliance on prior research. It can be both scientific research and self-analysis. The complexity of the study depends on your topic and paper’s direction.

Writing these texts requires specific wording, adjusting text structure, and accurate work with data. Students must present analytical skills and the ability to think critically. Strong reasoning is also a part of this task. Without competently-written examples of identity essay, argumentative pieces become a nightmare.

Any student or teacher can freely download any published identity essay pdf. Files are available 24/7 without registration or payment. Download or read them online – it is an author’s choice. Donated pieces showcase smart argumentation and reasoning on this difficult and inconvenient topic.

Identity Narrative Essay

For story-based assignments, download identity narrative essay examples. Narrative-oriented papers require detailed structuring and planning. Every element must be considered and fit its niche. A story must be told chronologically without time jumps. Keep it compact and on-point.

The narrative type of college essay on this topic makes an already difficult task even harder. Alongside self-reflecting and philosophical discussions, students must create a solid story. Depending on the story subject, college essays on identity show variable complexity and descriptions.

To successfully write a similar piece, use online identity essay examples. Examine popular ways of tackling this task in detail. Look how authors managed to convey a strong message without compromising readability. All samples are available free of charge at any time of day and night. Download them to study. Create unique narrative pieces from scratch!

What Is an Identity Essay

As for the definition of essay on identity, this article discusses the feelings of uniqueness and self-image of its author. Papers heavily rely on self-exploration and mental findings. They explain its concept and explore real-life precedents as well as psychological continuity. Such texts cover our existence, change in self-image with time, and personal theories of people about themselves.

The range of possible topics is infinite varying from straightforward storytelling and a culture essay to deep philosophical studies. Size and content vary depending on the regulations of the student's institution. Look at available paper samples first to explore a wide selection of covered concepts and subjects. Such research will significantly improve writing quality and final grades.

Identity Essay Outline

Strong outline for identity essay serves a strictly practical purpose. It effectively ties together all sections adding foundation to argumentation and reasoning. An author must possess certain skills to create a well-designed outline fast. Mimic it by copying and adapting the proposed article structure below. Add more sturdiness and coherency while designing your outline. 

Outline for good essay on identity example


  • Article’s main topic
  • Background information
  • Grabbing attention
  • Thesis statement – text’s purpose
  • Optional personal opinion

Body paragraph

  • First argument
  • Supportive materials
  • Relevance of this reason
  • Second argument
  • More data to support
  • Argument’s usefulness
  • Repeat it if needed


  • Topic restating
  • Answering the main question
  • Connect thesis statement
  • Short informational summary
  • Optional change in personal perception

Identity Essay Introduction

First, check out available identity essay introduction examples. See how other students have created memorable, informative text beginnings. Every author understands the importance of a strong start. The first paragraph should provide information and interest readers.

Intro has two goals: engaging in reading and feeding background data. Any reader must get a complete understanding of the main topic and its importance. Present the concept of self-identification together with minor details.

Here’s what you can do for an effective start:

  • Give shocking facts.
  • Ask tricky questions.
  • Intrigue with a story.
  • Provide real-life exemplification.

Examine proposed samples to find out how to write introduction for identity essay pieces. Adapt offered techniques and tricks to the personal writing process. Use texts as templates for creating unique, memorable article intros.

Identity essay introduction example

Decisions influence every aspect of our lives. Underlying these decisions is the core of who we are as individuals. People have a belief that in essence, they do not require to outweigh their options seriously in making choices for their decisions, that intrinsically, their characteristic identities already define. Since individuals know who they are fundamentally, this knowledge be it consciously or unconsciously directs their choices. This makes choices that are both influential and small partisan to identity congruence. As a term, identity presents itself as a slippery and an ambiguous one, and perhaps clichéd in numerous divergent contexts for the purpose of various subjects, predominantly in recent years. As such, various assumptions abound concerning what identity is, its relevance to the myriad of fields that people engage in and the comprehension of the engagements of young people with the digital media. This paper seeks to affirm the essential meaning of identity as self-understanding and that contemporary identity assumes a fluidity that depicts situational complexities.

Identity Essay Thesis Statement

Thesis statement about identity is usually the final sentence of an introductory paragraph. This statement always brings trouble to students of all ages and educational backgrounds. Authors present the article's main idea and convey a message there. It acts both as a direction-pointer and as an attention hook. After reading this sentence there should be no questions regarding the paper's subject and purpose.

A thesis about identity must occupy one or two sentences at most. Keep it brief and informative. Try making it powerful and impactful so your audience will want to find out more. Creating a competent statement requires substantial writing skills. We recommend checking out our proposed identity thesis statement examples beforehand. It will give an additional understanding of similar sentences and supply fresh ideas.

Identity Essay Body Paragraph

Central paragraph for identity essay should occupy half of available space. Always keep an existing text outline in mind while writing the main section. All argumentation, reasoning, convincing, and storytelling should be written in body paragraphs. If size regulations allow, try dividing the main section into two or three smaller ones for improved readability.

Huge attention must be devoted to describing the author's personality and unique traits in all personality papers. Our descriptive essay examples should help you with this step. How did you become who you are now? Which situations have influenced you the most? Any data relevant to the text subject must be expressed in body paragraphs.

Look at proposed identity paragraph examples – find fresh ideas and inspiration. Examine description methods used by other authors. Implement them in custom works for significant quality improvement.

Identity essay body paragraph example 

In meaning, essential paradoxes arise from the understanding of the term itself. Identity originates from its Latin root idem, which means “similar” (Buckingham, 2008). While it is evident and straightforward that the term refers to equivalence, essentially it implies both difference and similarity. This is purported in the sense that on the one hand, identity refers to something that is innately unique to each of us and that individuals assume that it is more or less consistent over time. For example, a country might debate on the proposition of new identity cards for their populace in an effort to curb identity theft. In this case, identity becomes something individuals uniquely possess, making it the essential aspect that distinguishes one set of people from another. While this is the case, identity also implies that it formulates a relationship with a perspective that is much broader and with a much all-encompassing perspective or social group of a particular kind. Therefore, from the individual aspects of persons and their personalities, identity can take the form of cultural, national or gender identity. This overall form of identity comes from whom we purport to be similar to us in some ways that are significant.

Identity Essay Conclusion

Conclusion for identity essay is the final chapter. It summarizes all data and ideas from a body section. Also, it does answer questions from the introduction. Try repurposing existing materials in such a way that it summarizes an entire article.

A conclusion to identity essay closely copies its introduction. It restates the topic and background data reminding readers of arguments from body paragraphs. The final chapter is closely connected to the thesis statement logically and emotionally. Make sure that a conclusive section fully wraps up everything providing a satisfactory finale.

Read freely available summary examples. They demonstrate creative and informative approaches to tackling this part. See how other authors managed to summarize information logically, without breaking size limitations. Use these articles as templates for personal conclusions.

Identity essay conclusion example 

Identity remains an integral concept of the self. What makes identity interesting is the fact that it can predict behavior over time. A second interesting and factually sound attribute of identity is that what comes to mind might feel stable and real now yet the concept of the self, and overall identity remains fluid to the extent that it can be constructed dynamically making stability more seeming than essentially real (Leary & Tangney, 2012). Overall, the nature of identity in the present world makes this concept dependent on numerous variables, yet characteristically unique.

How to Write an Identity Essay

“How to make my identity essay writing faster?” That’s the question we’re answering. By following this short yet informative guide you’ll decrease writing time without losing quality. This difficult process was simplified to only a few major steps. They are perfect for any student. Here’s how you create a professional identity essay:

  1. Brainstorm ideas. When your topic is finalized, write all your thoughts down. Even the smallest sentence can become a strong argument or description. Let thoughts flow freely.
  2. Examine free examples. Look at proposed free samples of an “essay about my identity”. Try distinguishing aspects that brought their authors high scores. Use them as templates or sources of inspiration.
  3. Create an outline. Using an example from before to design the structure. Pay attention to the pacing of narration and possible transitioning. Your outline must be strong to support further argumentation.
  4. Make a draft. Write the first version of your article closely following an outline. Text won’t be perfect on the first try. Keep writing until you are satisfied with the results.
  5. Edit mistakes out. Proofreading is crucial. Never submit papers with grammar or spelling errors. Make sure an article is free from repetitions and not logical moments.
  6. Plagiarism control. Always check papers' originality percentage. Submitted works must show high uniqueness. Rewrite parts or sentences if necessary.

Identity Essay Topics Ideas

A wide range of essay topics on identity scares students. Identity isn’t an easy concept for exploration even for grown people. A subject you’re writing about must be fresh, relevant, yet interesting. If there’s an option of creating a custom topic – choose something captivating. A writer’s interest in a paper's subject leads to enhanced article quality and overall better grades. Here are some essay topics about identity you can explore:

  1. Influence of life on self-image (include examples).
  2. Explore the effect of family on person and self-actualization.
  3. Examine different perceptions of human identities among various social layers.
  4. Personality development through the looking glass.
  5. Can someone help with personal growth through guidance?
  6. Self-identification in modern society: Discuss main difficulties.
  7. How does parents’ vision of your identity differ from a first-person perspective?
  8. Importance of self-actualization in the life of a modern teenager.
  9. Discuss creativity, its cognitive or personal aspects.
  10. How can a nation defend its cultural identity from “invasion”.

If you like one of these topics, read more essays from our database. For example, an essay about family and cultural identity essay at StudyBounty. They will inspire you to write your own topic.


FAQ About Identity Essay

1. Are your identity essay examples free?

We offer numerous free essays on identity. All samples are distributed on a free-to-use basis without registration. Any user can download them as convenient pdf files at any moment. All texts were donated by students and it would be inappropriate to ask for money. Enjoy gratis articles and improve your personal skills!

2. How to start an identity essay?

All famous essays about identity start with an attention hook. It is one sentence that grabs readers and engages them in reading. Another great way to begin is by including a quote or a memorable fact. An author must interest readers enough so they will continue reading. Use free text samples to learn proper text introduction.

3. What are the best identity essay titles?

We’ve given some good titles for identity essays above. All of them deserve your attention. If you’re trying to create a completely unique subject – make it catchy. Use loud words and strong formatting. Remember: the best title is the one you’re eager to write about. Follow this rule while browsing various subjects on the web.

4. Why is the identity essay so important?

The importance of identity essay is hard to overestimate. These written pieces positively affect cognitive abilities and writing-related skills. They engage students in self-reflecting, deep subject exploration. Improvements can be seen everywhere – from argumentation to overall knowledge. Students improve their vocabulary, reasoning, and descriptive skills.


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