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How to write a sequel to "Sons & Lovers"

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It is not rare for mothers and their sons to share a close relationship, and this will usually have an effect on the latter’s life. The life of Paul is a clear indicator of the adverse effect that the mother-son relationship could have. After the death of Mrs. Morel, Paul seems to have lost his way as he does not know the direction that he should take. His mother along with other family members had significant influence in the choices he would make. At this point, suicidal ideations have been troubling his mind for quite some time. He had not thought of the consequences of being without his mother when he gave her an overdose of morphia pills. It is evident that the young man is troubled and distraught. However, this is not the way to live. Morel is concerned about his son and does not know what he should do to make things right. If he could, he would reverse the course of events even if just for a second to ensure a change in his son’s mood. 

Paul begins to think of all the negative things that have happened since he came closer to his mother. He became less involved in romantic relationships to the extent of pushing away the only woman who had loved him; Miriam. She had always presented herself as the ideal wife material to whom Paul would be her perfect match. However, Mrs. Morel was greatly against the idea of a marriage between the two. It is for this reason that Paul broke things off. As these thoughts flash before his eyes, it is almost evident that the young man has experienced an epiphany. He suddenly begins to feel resentment towards his mother and is confused why her love for him prevented him from developing a romantic relationship. He is aware that he has not demonstrated control over his life and is willing to change this. 

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Before the death of his mother, Paul had insisted that he would move abroad in an attempt to escape from the emotional heartache for the loss of a dear one. He had felt a close attachment to his mother, and such a trip would help him break this connection. With the continued build up in resentment towards his mother, Paul embarks on a journey to travel abroad and establish a connection with nature. He was making an effort to let go of memories of his mother. The young man felt that though he could not replace the close connection, he would instead build one with the world. This occurrence would help improve himself and probably give him direction in his life. He would leave his work at the factory and embark on a voyage with great promise. Paul believed that it would be something close to a rebirth and give him a liberal view of the world. 

The life of Paul had become more free and enjoyable in his time in America where things were changing quite fast. However, he still felt empty inside a feeling that continually reminded him of his first love Miriam. She was the only woman that had attempted multiple times to get him to requite her love. Each time such a thought crossed his mind he cried believing that he had made the worst mistake. After nearly six months of thinking through on a plan to win back his lost love, he returned to England with the intention of proclaiming his love for her. Lo and behold! Paul received the most shocking news upon his arrival; Miriam was getting married on the night of his arrival. He felt as if he would die from this continued heartache and made a last-ditch attempt to win her love back. 

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