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Women’s Literature and the Dystopian Point of ViewName

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The dystopian fiction for many years has grown and continued to evolve as a genre. One of the most prominent dystopian novels is George Orwell’s 1984. In the modern days, dystopian novels have gained popularity and have even advanced into famous films (Baccolini, 2004). Dystopian is a textual representation of the larger society that might be considered as worse than that of the writer. The dystopian genre has been shown to be highly relatable to the modern audience and have emotional effects on how individuals feel towards the world and other critical issues. Dystopias are this imaginary world that is created as a form of warning of the increased social and political trends. They further tend to depict various bad things that might emerge in the future in the society which might further be taken for granted or even considered as inevitable.

The dystopian literatures appeared particularly as a first critique of the actual utopian construction that was believed to have been blind on many issues depressing the world’s reality. Dystopian have been considered highly inevitable and characterised by a critique of both political and social realities of the day. According to Baccolini (2004), much of the women literature heavily focuses on dystopian as a way to focus on women’s position in the society since the year 1960s and 1970s. There were massive women inequality particularly informs of sexuality and reproduction hence there was the need for these women to come out and fight against the spreading inequality. Additionally, these women aimed at gaining equality in voting and property rights for women. Women were mostly not allowed to pursue higher education and advance their career because it was believed that this might limit them from successfully child rearing and homemaking roles. Women, therefore, focused on writing expressing their beliefs pointing to the direction that writing was an effective tool available for women to voice their views and fight for their rights (Baeten, 2002).

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When focusing on the majority of the current dystopian literature, it is evident that the female authors did not lay much emphasis as far as dystopian was concerned the concept of dystopian is not only featured by male biasness but it is highly emphasised by cultural and political male hegemony. This notion has thus made an exciting dystopian genre for the majority of the female writers. When using this style, women have been in a better position to vigorously oppose and even undermine what was believed to be a dominant ideology as developed by men. The women literature thus are critically subversive and iconoclastic (Clapper & Booker, 1995). In a simpler term, it aims at conveying a sense of otherness which in this case entails deviating from realities that seem familiar to a reader.

In my understanding, dystopian emerged where an individual can establish their ideas on the effective way to develop a better future. It is worth to note that majority of these narratives often thrives by critiquing the social and political problems; therefore, these kinds of literature are typical to any marginalised group. It is clear that the same writing would be used by any other group that might find themselves devalued. Dystopian literature uses a language believe to be an efficient medium that the oppressed groups can adopt to fight for their liberation. In this case, language is interpreted as a type of revolution that is strictly against the dominant ideologies (Baeten, 2002). By critiquing the existing beliefs that might be oppressing a minority group, liberation might be seen since most of the minority members do not have the voice to fight for themselves and what they believe to be their right but can do so by criticising these dominant ideologies especially within the realms of political and social spheres.


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