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Human commonality and diversity impacts

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Human commonality and diversity impacts 

Experience of humans gets diversified based on various themes. Human perspective, being the attitude towards something, the human practice of deeds and productions are some of the bases of human diversity (Chryssochoou, 2014). The background of humans and culture affects their experience which reflects given ethnicities, national origin, educational background and economic social class among other backgrounds and culture. The diversity of human experience affects how they perceive different events, how they act and interact with one another (Schaeffer, 2016). The aim of the essay is to give a detailed support to the diversity and commonality of human experience and the prevailing impacts.


Human diversity based on culture impacts

Several cultures are present in different regions of nations and globally. Some regions share some cultures as others differ. The difference is developed by different ancestral origin. Also, the interaction of people from different cultures contributed to the development of human perspective divergence and commonality as supported by Chryssochoou (2014). Different natural occurrence, like lightning, thunderstorm, frog roaring among others got different interpretation based on cultures. To highlight, the several practices were done with bases on natural universe occurrences which differed from culture to the other. For example, different cultures had a different view of the moons. Some performed rituals before the full moon occurred. Others did teeth shedding during the full moon shine among other examples. This diversity led to cultural differing which separated people. Cooperation of different cultures for a common activity was uncommon thus the development of cultural boundaries. These cultural boundaries limited interaction thus a threat to cultural practices and product development. 

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Also, the diversity of humans based on their culture has led to an inability to coordinate employees in a given setting. Since employees are gathered from various cultures, development of a common base of operation becomes a challenge. War among cultures has been a result thus many deaths and loss being recorded. 

Commonality and diversity impacts ethnically

Ethnicity, being a commonality of culture, region or religion, got to be a root towards divergence and commonality of human practices. Presence of diversity among people of different ethnics has led to ethnical discrimination among people due to different experiences. Wars and siege have been experienced among members of different ethnics. Upon introduction of the ethnic-based differences, the education sector has been affected as well. It is among the tutors and the learners where we have the varied understanding of ethnical practices. Also, the perspective of these different individuals on ethics was different as well thus a challenge to settle for a common interpretation of facts. Practices and products difference also affected human interaction as well. Interaction among these people becomes a menace as pros in a given ethnic setting is a con in another setting (Desmet, 2017). 

As Desmet (2017) purport, commonality which is based on ethnicity is what has brought different cultures together. Presence of common ethnical believes and practice led to the digging of historical facts about the nations. It was obvious that the presence of some commonality was a prove of some ancestral origin commonality thus members having common experiences. Moreover, it could be as a result of common geological origination of the cultures. The resulting cases were uniting of the cultures thus bringing down the few differences which were there. Global unity was the result of commonality in diversifying ethnicities individuals. Common practices and perspective are what led to the presence of common guidelines governing people globally and others governing different nations down to the social groups.

Diversity and commonality in the social group

As noted by Mackelprang (2016),social groups are what grow to nations thus the globe creation. Presence of several social classes has been marked on different platforms. Among them are economic social class and the political social group as well who have varied experiences of life. The diversity in political social groups has been a threat to nations' peace and corporation. Differing in political stands is what has led to intra-nations and inter-nations war across the world. More damage being recorded on the property is alongside the loss of many lives, some of the potential people to the nations. 

Moreover, diversity in economic social class has resulted in the maintenance of the economic level lines, which are low, middle and upper-class economic level (Mackelprang, 2016). Interaction among these groups is class-centered where interaction among people of different economic classes become rare for lack of common experiences. The rich grow richer as the poor get poorer as a result. This is due to commonality among each group thus allowing intra-economic class interaction. Economic growth, therefore, becomes imbalanced as a result. 

However, the presence of commonality in the social groups from nation to the other has brought about nations' unity. Unions have been formed based on commonality thus leading to unity among nations. Also, upon unions creation interaction among individuals becomes easier thus sectors like the trading sectors getting promoted. Also, security is maintained among the nations upon the unions' formation. It is a leading reason as to why we have nations helping each other curb the prevailing challenges towards development.


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