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Human Resource Development (HRD)

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Human Resource Development (HDR) refers to the framework whereby employees are helped to develop their personal and organizational skills, knowledge, and abilities. Human Resource Development offers opportunities to employees such as employee training, employee career development, performance management and development, coaching, monitoring, tuition assistances, and organization development (Anthony, 2009). The main aim of the Human Resource Development is to equip employees with the necessary skills and knowledge on how to perform their duties efficiently and ensure they are productive to ensure the organization is productive and makes profits. Technology management includes integrated planning, design, optimization, operation, and control of technological products, processes, and services; technology management involves the use of informatics for the benefit of human or organization. The Human Resource Development plays a part in the technology management processes in organizations; this is because through HRD successful technology management is ensured which helps in smooth running of the entities. 

Technology, globalization and the changing demographics have created new workplaces that are dynamic and require active and strategic human resource development for organizations o stay competitive in the market. Information management is used to impact on both learning and performance of the employees and the business entities. Human Resource Development which is part of the Human Resource Management deals with training and developing employees; HRD includes training a person or a worker after he/she is hired to better the employee and make the employee productive for the benefit of both the organization and the employee. Development of human resources is essential for any organization that wants to grow; the human resource development can be used to create an environment for the employees to nurture, better, and use the capabilities of the people. HRD focuses on developing the most superior and productive workforce to enable the organization and individual employees accomplish their goals and service to customers. 

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Human Resource Development is a process whereby workers in an organization are recognized as the human resource; HRD believes that human resource is the most valuable asset of the organization and that good care and attention should be put on the employees. HRD stresses on the development of the human resources of the organization by helping employees to enhance their capabilities about their present and future roles. HRD also focuses on the development and best utilization of the skills of individuals in the interest of the organization and the employees. Another feature of the HRD is that it helps in establishing a better inter-personal relationship which helps in building trust and confidence and thus promoting team spirit among the workers. Human Resource Development is based on quality of work life; HRD tries to examine and identify the employees need and ensures that the needs are well catered for to the possible extent. Lastly, HRD is a continuous learning process thus development is a long process which never ends. 

Human Resource Development makes people competent; this is because HRD develops new skills and knowledge to employees towards the concern of the organization thus creating a positive attitude of employees towards the organization. With proper HRD plan, people become more committed to their jobs, and this is ensured through performance appraisal; information technology makes it easy to appraise the employee’s performance, and fast communication is guaranteed within the organization leading to smooth running of the organization. Trust and confidence are essential in each organization thus with the use of HRD a respect and trust are guaranteed. Team spirit and growth of the workers as HRD helps in generating new ideas with employees being open. HRD assists employees to gain a sense of belonging and achievement when they perform their duties well; this leads to a productive organization, and this is attained through the employee training offered by the HRD. 

Technology keeps on changing the business world each day as new technology developments are invented and put into action; technology has helped many companies carry on their duties smoothly, efficiently and fast. Almost every organization today includes technology management in its functions; some organizations today cannot operate without the use of a computer technology, and this includes human resources where technology has a significant role in the human resource practices such as Human Resource Development. According to Pacey (1986), Technology management has made it easy and possible for professionals to train new staff in more efficient ways and manners. Accessing company information and training programs from anywhere has eliminated the need for trainers to work directly with those newly hired on all training. Training has been made easy for example a foreign profession can be employed to train workers of a particular organization, and this can be achieved without the foreign profession having to travel. The training can be done online through emails, hangouts and Skype’s; this shows how technology has made the world a global village and training can be done anywhere and anytime without barriers through the use of informatics. 

Performance management which is also a product of Human Resource Development has been enabled through use of technology; human resource professional use computer technology to assess employee performance and also to get employee feedback to be used for betterment of the organization. Various software programs have made it possible for human resources professionals to examine employee performance using metrics to ensure that workers are meeting performance standards (Savage, & Skerry 1990). Through this nonperforming employees are identified and trained to improve their performance. Information technology has made it easy for HRD to monitor its workers and ensure that they are all performing in their duties through training. Use of technology management has made it easy for Human Resource Professionals as paperwork has been reduced. The use of electronic imaging has made it achievable for companies to store data in electronic forms which are easily retrieved. Forms can be printed anytime they are needed and distributed to employees; this has eliminated the need to dig through bulk files in the file cabinets to find what is required. HRD trains employees on how to use the electronic devices and his have led to employee’s knowledge on the utilization of the new technology. HRD has enhanced technology management as through HRD employees are well informed of the new and easy ways to store data and data is lost because important files are stored on several computers or online; thus has facilitated to easy retrieval. 

Human Resource Development is the new way used by organizations to train its employee’s especially the newly hired employees; HRD aims at training employees and boosts their performance to ensure that employees are productive and thus the organization. Through HRD employees skills and knowledge are enhance and this helps in generation of new ideas which assist in making an organization successful. Technology management helps in carrying out the HRD procedures as through the use a=of Information technology training has been made possible. Information technology helps in data storage, and paperwork has been minimized through the use of electronics as files are stored online where they are easily retrieved. Employees are trained on how to use the technology, and this has enhanced the communication within the organization; trust, confidence, team work, and respect have been promoted by the use of Human Resource Development. 


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