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Imago Dei and its Relevance to Healthcare

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“Imago Dei” is a Latin word meaning Image of God. According to the Christian understanding, human beings were created in the likeliness of God. Being created in the image of God is a representation of respect, dignity, and honor that every man deserves. It could be regardless of their social class, physical status, or mental status. Biblically, “Imago Dei” is described as a metaphysical expression associated with humans, which then symbolizes the connection between humans and God (Evans, 2019). The phrase originally came from Genesis 1:27, which states that God was created man in his image. Therefore, it is a term concerned with viewing the image of God in a spiritual and intellectual nature. 

How it Might be Important to Health Care 

“ Imago Dei” has importantly impacted health care in various ways. “Imago Dei” became a significant source of motivation amongst Christians, including Mother Teresa. It took her some part of her life to devote her whole time taking care of the helpless in Calcutta. Many Christians have also felt the urge to spend their resources and time to take care of the sick and poor people. 

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Having the idea that human beings were created in the image of God, nurses, and other health caregivers have wanted to care and comfort humans who are sick and at the state of dying. Some studies show that for any caregiver, the other human is a fellow that is in the likeliness of God. Such awareness transforms the relationship that exists between the patients and health workers in consideration of the spiritual part of the other (Evans, 2019). The phrase “Imago Dei” then gives an understanding of what is expected from another person when handling their fellows. It helps the society to understand human rights and our federal institutions to honor humans. 


Evans, A. H. (2019). THE CONCEPT OF THE IMAGO DEI: COHERENCE WITH EVOLUTIONARY SCIENCE?.  Scriptura: Journal for Biblical, Theological and Contextual Hermeneutics 118 (1), 1-11. 

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