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Implementation of the Iom Future of Nursing Report

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Work of the Robert Wood Johnson Foundation Committee Initiative

The Robert Wood Johnson Foundation Committee played a critical role in providing a framework for achieving some of the objectives envisioned in the future of nursing and advancements in healthcare. A lot of meaningful input in terms of reforms from this committee went into generation and establishment of the IOM report. Moreover, a various organization taking part in the provision of healthcare services often request for technical assistance through a centre that largely relies on the Robert Wood Johnson Foundation’ s work. Nursing practice and the general provision of health care service involves a wide continuum from advancing, prevention of infection, coordination of health services and curative as well as palliative care. Whereas the role played by the Robert Wood Johnson Foundation as far as the future of nursing is concerned appeals to the population in America, the nursing profession still experiences its own challenges. A large number of members of the nursing profession need to be exposed to advance training and education (Hamric et al., 2014)

These requirements agree with some of the guidelines and recommendations contained in IOM report. Additionally, such professionals would be expected to take up new roles and responsibilities as a way of ensuring a rapid response to the fast evolving system of healthcare. The initiatives made this foundation are largely concerned with the alleviation of things like professional tensions, limitations on policy making as well as restrictions affecting the scope of practice for nursing professionals and other healthcare practitioners. This is because such challenges have been undermining the ability of the nursing profession to meet the requirements and expectations of improved and advanced healthcare. The work of the Robert Wood Johnson Foundation Committee and its initiatives regarding the directing that nursing should take in future is transformative in nature. As such, it is mainly concerned with the delivery of healthcare and health services that are accessible, patient cantered and sustainable through the transformation of training, and working environment (Shulman et al., 2013).

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Importance of the IOM “Future of Nursing” report

The IOM report has indicated that nurses are equipped with great potential necessary in guiding innovative strategies towards the improvement of health care system. However, the healthcare industry has not been keen on tapping into potential. This report is important in many aspects that include the nature nursing education and training, the scope of nursing practice as well as the development of the workforce and working environment. When it comes to education and training, the IOM report played a critical role in recognizing the need to ensure that nurses were taken through education curriculum and training programs that would be applicable in the delivery effective services. According to this report, the community based learning institutions that charged with the responsibility of offering training programs in the nursing profession play a vital role when it comes to the preparation and diversification of the nursing professionals (Duffy and Duffy, 2013). 

Furthermore, properly trained nursing professionals are essential in the provision of highly specialized and complex services to the American population. The report emphasizes the importance of educating and training of additional nurses. In this case, there will be sufficient nursing workforce to occupy the emerging positions as well as take part in an advanced role in the nursing profession such as nurse anaesthetists and nurse midwives. When more nurses are equipped with the relevant skills, there is a pool that is large enough prom which practitioners can be drawn to perform advanced professional roles (Duffy and Duffy, 2013). 

On matters concerning the scope of practice and working environment, the importance of the IOM “Future of Nursing” report is evident in the recommendations and frameworks it provides to the nursing practice and healthcare system. Access to quality healthcare can be greatly increased through the improvement of the working environment for nurses and widen their scope of practice and operation (D’Amour et. al., 2005). For instance, nurses offering services in areas that require special roles can access all the necessary structures in place to increase their input. It is also important to note that one of the best ways of improving the accessibility of the population to patient-centered healthcare services would entail allowing nurses to be in charge making care decisions. 

Due to its adaptive capacity, there is adequate potential in the nursing profession effect changes that can be widely felt and acknowledged. The close proximity of the nursing workforce to the population as well as their deep understanding of the care-giving process presents them with a unique ability as health practitioners. Further, the IOM report indicates that the need to have improved working environment and conditions for nurses is one of the ways of realizing a healthcare system that provides quality services. Thus, nurses are poised to play a central role in bridging the gap that exists between access and coverage their services. This is expected to go a long way in facilitating the coordination of complex care provision to patients (Shulman et al., 2013). 

Role of state-based action coalitions and their advancement of goals of Nursing Future

Action based Coalitions in New York, as well as others states in the United States, have a responsibility of carrying out the campaign at various levels, which include regional, inter-state as well as local. Consequently, representatives and advocates in various fields such as health organizations, institutions of learning and businesses have demonstrated concerted efforts and collaboration in building a healthier society. The other role played by the state-based initiatives coalitions in progressing objectives of the future of the nursing profession in New York includes working closely with diverse stakeholders to establish and create innovative ideas that place emphasis on healthier communities (Hamric et al., 2014). 

Moreover, the Campaign for Action offers the necessary framework and guidance towards the actualization of the suggestions contained in the IOM report. This report is believed to offer profound and sustainable solutions in the healthcare system in collaborations with other players such as the government, business and the members of the public. There is also the advancement of future nursing goals by capitalizing on existing groundwork as well as coming up with new collaborations that facilitate the engagement of national organizations in spearheading their implementation (Duffy and Duffy, 2013).

Initiatives spearheaded by New York’s action coalition

Transforming Nursing Education

Transformation of the nursing education and training is one of the initiatives in which the New York state has engaged. This is due to the rising need of additional members of the nursing workforce who are highly educated and skilled. This initiative leads to the advancement of the nursing profession by ensuring that such rising needs are adequately met (D’Amour et. al., 2005). 

Fostering Inter professional Collaboration in Health Care

Collaboration is a critical aspect when it comes to the success of nursing profession in meeting its future goals as outlines in the IOM report. For this reason, the New York state has taken an active role this initiative across various professionals within the healthcare sector. As such, a strong inter-professional collaboration advances the future goals of nursing by overseeing the enhancement of the safety and quality of healthcare (Duffy and Duffy, 2013).

Overcoming Barriers to Advancements 

Despite the commitment by the New York state towards the above initiatives, several barriers have been encountered. These include inadequate financial support as well as the lack of goodwill and concerted efforts from all the stakeholders involved. However, these barriers can be overcome when the nursing advocates in New York through initiating all-inclusive processes of engagement with the aim of bringing all relevant stakeholders on board to discuss the way forward.


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