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Improving Patient Safety: Strategies and Tools

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Patient safety is a key factor in the management and the driving of patient wellness in any healthcare facility. In any case, patient safety comes before any other factor in as far as the consideration of the healthcare operations. In some cases, however, there are little errors in the health facility that may jeopardise the entire healthcare pattern for the patients ( Lawton, Taylor, Clay-Williams & Braithwaite, 2014) . Such errors arise from negligence or erroneous actions by the hospital staffs that may include clinicians, nurses or even doctors. This paper seeks to address ways of minimising such issues from affecting service delivery to the patient. 

One way of minimising the dangers that occur from the wrongful prescription of medicine to the patients is by using information technology systems (IT). Computers can be fed with patient information that has their medical history. Such history, when referred to by the relevant medical attendant is a clear indicator as to the direction that the medication should take ( Makary & Daniel, 2016) . The medical management system is the surest way to manage and reduce any arising case of erroneous administration of drugs to the patient which may end up jeopardising their health further. 

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Physical injuries are also a common occurrence to patients in some hospitals. The sliding and fatal falls cause severe injuries to patents which may hurt them further. The hospital workers, therefore, should be trained on proper storage of work equipment that they may not fall on the patents ( Makary & Daniel, 2016) . At the same time, during the hospital safety forums, the workers can be trained in effective ways of maintaining sound environment over which the patient’s wellness is assured. There should be a clear duty sheet which should mean that the workers are not overworked or over-exhausted which may lead to negligence of their basic duties. Therefore, computerisation of patient records, coupled with a well-balanced workforce that means that they do not overwork themselves is a sure way of creating an effective environment for patient wellness. 


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Lawton, R., Taylor, N., Clay-Williams, R., & Braithwaite, J. (2014). Positive deviance: a different approach to achieving patient safety.  BMJ Qual Saf , BMJ's-2014. 

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