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Individual Differences and Emotions

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Page 1: Emotional Intelligence

The term emotional intelligence refers to an individual’s ability to recognize emotions and manage them. In particular, emotional intelligence extends beyond the individual, implying that a person is able to manage not only his or her emotions but also those of others. Consequently, emotional intelligence entails emotional awareness, capacity to apply emotions to problem-solving, and emotional management (Sánchez-Álvarez et al., 2016). Thus, in significant ways, emotional intelligence is crucial to success. This is because emotional intelligence predicts performance through determining critical skills like decision making, time management, empathy, change tolerance, social skills, service, accountability, anger management, assertiveness, presentation skills, social skills, trust, customer service, and team work among others.

I think I am emotionally intelligent due to a number of factors. First, I am aware of my emotions. My emotional awareness is exhibited in my appreciation of feelings in that I recognize life would be worthless without them. Moreover, I am able to harness and apply my emotions. For instance, I see opportunities with mood changes. I apply myself fully to the activities that I enjoy whenever I am in a jovial mood, and refrain from tasking activities when otherwise. Finally, I manage my emotions by expressing them. While I do not always find it easy to talk about my feelings, I recognize the value of this and constantly apply myself to it when necessary.

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There are instances where emotional intelligence has assisted my ability to navigate personal situations. For instance, in planning a family get-together, we realized that one of our cousins was particularly offensive. Not only did she fail to complete her assigned tasks on time, but she also got very defensive when approached. Since I was tasked with preparing fun activities with her, I had to get her to working terms. By listening to her, I realized that she was emotionally disturbed. Thus, I endeavored to engage her in conversation when she was less overwhelmed with work and got her to calm down and be more cooperative. Moreover, I encouraged her engagement in only those activities she was happy with, thus enhancing performance.

Page 2: Gardner's Multiple Intelligence Model

According to Gardner, intelligence goes beyond a single cognitive ability. Thus, each person is unique in that they may have a variety of intellectual abilities. Moreover, every person should be given the opportunity to identify and develop the vast intelligence they have. The multiple intelligences include verbal-linguistic intelligence, musical intelligence, spatial intelligence, interpersonal intelligence, intrapersonal intelligence, and existential intelligence, among others. Thus, Gardner argues that it is wrong to emphasize one form of intelligence over another ( Howard Gardner on Multiple Intelligences , 2010). Particularly, he encourages that systems of education embrace his model, thereby recognizing and enhancing other forms of intelligence apart from book knowledge.

In further analyzing his perspective, I realize that I am smart in hands-on intelligence that includes spatial intelligence and interpersonal intelligence. An example when I was able to demonstrate my particular intelligence is hinted above. In this case, I am not only in charge of creatively planning fun activities for a family event, but I can also contribute to creating an enabling environment to work together with my cousin. Interpersonal intelligence entails an individual’s ability to work in corporation with others. I am able to achieve this through planning hosting events effectively with my emotionally disturbed cousin. My ability to verbally as well as non-verbally communicate effectively with others, in this case, is also further evidence of interpersonal intelligence. Additionally, I am able to take up the responsibility of planning fun activities due to spatial intelligence, which entails picture smartness. I am sensitive to color and space that leads to high levels of creativity.

Page 3: Assessed Personality Results

In assessing my personality, I found that my extraversion and openness to experience scores were high. On the other hand, my agreeableness and conscientiousness scores were moderate. However, my emotional stability score was low. I would say that I fairly agree with these results, considering that I am indeed open to conversations with others, while not particularly always undisturbed by new experiences. Thus, it captures my real personality.

Furthermore, according to the results, my strongest trait is exhibited through extraversion and openness to new experiences. I enjoy hearing new ideas and thinking about things. This has been exhibited through my ability to plan events and solve tasking challenges around the house. For instance, I reorganized our living room furniture to create more space, since the place always looked congested and with minimal light, causing people to complain. I moved furniture from the windows to allow more lighting and took out a few unnecessary things. 

Finally, personality affects work performance in significant ways. In this case, not all personalities are suited for particular job performance. Thus recognizing an individual’s personality ensures that employees are paired up with the tasks that they can effectively accomplish. For instance, people who are outgoing work best in positions that allow them to interact with others more. Such positions, for instance, will involve dealing with customers at the service desk. Consequently, an extrovert who is placed in an information technology desk entailing working behind a computer the whole day is less likely to be effective. In order to enhance performance, therefore, employers need to recognize this vital relationship between personality and performance at work.


Howard Gardner on Multiple Intelligences  [Video file]. (2010, July 9). Retrieved from https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=iYgO8jZTFuQ

Sánchez-Álvarez, N., Extremera, N., & Fernández-Berrocal, P. (2016). The relation between emotional intelligence and subjective well-being: A meta-analytic investigation.  The Journal of Positive Psychology 11 (3), 276-285.

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