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Inductive Observations of Paul's writing

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Part 2

Paul, an apostle of Christ, wrote a letter to Corinthians and prayed that grace and peace be unto them from their Lord Jesus Christ. Consequently, he was accused of bringing sorrow to the Corinthians through the letter. These people had closed their hearts and claimed that Paul was corrupt, had wronged them and had also exploited them. Some said that his letters were weighty and forceful yet in person he was unimpressive, and his speaking amounted to nothing. Likewise, they thought that he was inferior as compared to the other apostles since he was an untrained as a speaker. Moreover, they said that he was at their level, yet he preached to them and robbed them. Likewise, they accused Paul of being a burden to them for seeking help, and besides he exploited the Corinthians whenever he sent men to them. Paul was also accused of boasting in the Lord, a feat that the people thought was aimed at defending himself against them. The agenda that the false proclaimers had were to turn the Corinthians against God from the faith that was taught to them and the devotion they had towards Christ. They wanted to bring falsehood by taking away truth from them. However, ultimately, the false proclaimers sought to be the only ones that would have a say over the land.

Apostle Paul confronted the trouble makers and nullified their claims by giving them facts and telling them the truth. This is because the truth sets the captives free and brings justice. He told them that he humbled himself to them so that they would be exalted by the gospel that he preached to them. Additionally, he explained that he did not regret that the letter he wrote to them had brought them sorrow for it brought repentance. He explained that Godly sorrow brings repentance, and that meant that they had become right with God. Therefore, by asking them to have room in their hearts for God, he did not exploit or condemn them. Rather, this was because they had such a high place in God’s heart that he would die and live with them. He told them that if anyone preached a Jesus that they did not preach and if they received a different spirit or different gospel from the one that was taught then they were going astray. Despite these teachings, the Corinthians readily accepted the false doctrines.

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Paul did not exploit the Corinthians since the Macedonians supplied his needs. Paul showed the identity of the false apostles as deceitful and masquerading apostles of Christ. He compared their masquerade as servants of righteousness to the way Satan masquerades as an angel of light. Paul urged them to examine themselves and see if they were in the faith and to test themselves. He reiterated that if Jesus Christ was not in them, then they had failed the test. He also emphasized the fact that righteousness and wickedness had nothing in common and urged them to come out of them and be separate. He told them that though they thought he was untrained and less superior, he had knowledge.

Today, the church would benefit so much from such action if it would separate wickedness and righteousness for the two have nothing in common. The church should boast in the Lord and not in the earthly things that will be left behind. Telling the truth sets people free hence the current church should embrace the truth at all times. Those that are ministering the gospel ought to have love in their hearts for the people that they shepherd. This would ensure that that they do not condemn but instead correct the people in love. This is because Godly sorrow leads to salvation that leaves no regret contrary as opposed to the worldly sorrow that brings death.


Based on Paul’s tribulations and his response, the grace of God is sufficient for the power of God is made perfect for those that are weak. Likewise, knowing the truth sets one free so that he or she can boast in the grace of God. Paul’s story emphasizes that one should not hesitate to speak the truth even if it brings sorrow since Godly sorrow brings repentance. Overall, it clearly summarizes the fact that light and darkness cannot be one.

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