9 Jun 2022


IP’s Recreational and Wildlife Opportunities

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The International Paper is a company in the United States that has its operations founded on economic timber production. The company prides itself in undertaking wildlife programs that are aimed at reaping the benefits of conserving wildlife habitats in addition to timber production (United States, 2017).

IP looks at a bright future in wildlife and recreation given its huge investments in studies and research to determine how well the company can integrate its operations with environmental conservation. The fact that the company has vast chunks of land gives it an advantage in controlling migratory animals with an inherent ability to control hunting among other activities surrounding wildlife (Breuer & Breuer, 2016).

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Having a community that is largely involved in recreation hunting has acted to provide the company with an opportunity to tap revenue on an activity that has never before been levied with costs (Miller, Leung & Kays, 2017). According to the company, a lease contract on hunting has acted to change hunting patterns with the company heavily investing in operations to make it possible for more wildlife to increase in presence. Studies on the animal demographics have shown an increase in animal population by fivefold and tenfold for the white-tailed deer and turkeys respectively. The increases have boosted revenues from hunting lease contracts.

Revenue from lease hunting amounted to over two hundred and fifty thousand dollars with costs to maintain the programs at approximately one hundred thousand dollars and below in the 1980s accounting for a considerable proportion of profits. In recent years, IP has centered its efforts in trying to find whether its recreation and wildlife programs are congruent to international conservation standards with much attention to the sustainability of the programs.


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United States. (2017). Conservation choices for wildlife: Golden-winged warbler and other forest-dependent species : your guide to NRCS-recommended sustainable forestry practices .

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