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Leaders are Born and Made

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Establishing good leadership is an integral component of an organization since it helps to provide not only direction to the other subordinates but also motivate them to accomplish a major task. The paper discusses whether leaders are born, or they are made by shaping their qualities. 

Leaders are defined depending on the possession of certain qualities and characters that put them in a position to guide and inspire others. The debate on whether leaders are born is based on whether the characters are innate or are instilled into people thus making them born leaders or developed leaders respectively (Lenderman & Army War College, 1996). Essential leadership traits hugely depend on the situation that defines the needed action. In an urgent situation, the traits of good leadership may include quick thinking whereas in other situations may require collaborative efforts (Lenderman & Army War College, 1996). 

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Born leaders are those people who have the innate leadership skills instilled in them through genetic heredity (Fisher & Koch, 2008). Before taking leadership roles, born leaders are already motivated to lead and normally perceive themselves as leaders from a young age. A challenge, however, is that natural leaders are not always in a position to lead just because they view themselves as leaders from a young age. They have to undergo through exposure and learning to improve their leadership skills. Born leaders are normally identified with being dominant (Fisher & Koch, 2008). 

On the other hand, leaders who are made do not possess the innate leadership skills, but they are instilled into them and then nurtured. Such development is achieved by exposing a group of learners into developmental and training programs where they are taught about the various skills leaders need to identify with (Farlow, 2012). The group is them put in practical positions that drive them to apply the set of leadership skills they have learned. Leaders who are nurtured are mostly defined by being collaborative. 


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