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List of Regulatory Agencies and Accrediting Bodies

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The health service providers are bound to adhere to certain levels of standards and performance before they are recognized and sufficiently reliable and safe healthcare providers. Regulation is the authoritative application of measures that dictate the acceptable standards of services delivered in various sectors. Accrediting refers to the process of recognizing and acknowledging that the ability of a service provider to deliver services that meet the required standards of safety and health. Various regulations and accrediting organizations are designed for different reasons, and they operate with various organizational and functional structure. The paper features the Occupational Health and Safety Administration (OSHA) in explaining the performance of regulation and accrediting in service delivery. 

Evaluation of Occupational Health and Safety Administration (OSHA) As a Regulatory Body 

Occupational Health and Safety Administration OSHA is a regulatory body formulated to protect the safety and health of workers in various healthcare providers in the US. OSHA is sufficiently effective in its performance because it focuses its attention on mitigating the occurrence of injuries and illnesses on workers in the various healthcare services providers. The standards set by OSHA are reliable and expertly researched since the formulation of the agency was provided under an act of the federal constitution (Schwartz & Halter, 2020). Initially, OSHA did not have the authority to regulate the performance of the federal, state, and municipal labs as they are not included in the act. According to the regulations of OSHA, the healthcare service provider is supposed to keep a record of the injuries and illnesses occurring on employees of the facilities. 

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History of the Occupational Health and Safety Administration (OSHA) 

OSHA dated back to 1970 and was formulated through and act on the federal constitution that sought to ensure the safety and health of various employees working in the various healthcare providers. During its initial version, OSHA only had jurisdiction over the private healthcare providers. However, following the Executive Order 12196 of 1980, all federal healthcare providers are subject to the employee safety regulations spelled by OSHA. 

Reason for the Existence of the Occupational Health and Safety Administration (OSHA) 

The main reason for the formulation of OSHA is to reduce the risks associated with injuries and sicknesses, which employees in healthcare providers could be exposed to on their line of duty. The formulation of OSHA followed the public outcry of the endangered health safety of healthcare employees, which is caused by unprotected medical procedures. Some of the chemicals and procedures applied in the laboratory expose healthcare employees at risk of incurring health conditions. The formulation of OSHA in 1970 was to mitigate such risks by ensuring that the services healthcare service providers protect their employees. 

The Public Reporting Of Occupational Health and Safety Administration (OSHA) 

There are various parameters deployed by OSHA in the public reporting of the safety and health standards and conditions in both public and private sector healthcare providers. OSHA performs public reporting on complications and hospital-acquired diagnoses. The various health complications developed during the line of duty are recorded by the healthcare providers as dictated by the OSHA regulations. OSHA also reports on mortality caused by hospital-based outcome indicators. OSHA maintains updated reporting on the rate at which healthcare workers are facing death-causing risks in their line of duty. Another quality indicator reported by OSHA is the readmission of healthcare employees with hospital-acquired sickness or injury. The rate of sickness or injury recurrence in healthcare workers is used by OSHA to report on the compliance of healthcare service providers to the safety and health specifications of employees working in the specific facilities. 

Frequency of Reporting On Indicators 

OSHA does its reporting on the occurrence of indicators four times annually. The performance of OSHA divides the operational periods of various healthcare providers into four quarters. The regulation agency reports on the indicators observed in every quartile period of operation (Mofidi et al., 2020). However, the frequency of reporting could be increased in the face of outbreaks and unusual natural phenomena. 

Where OSHA Reports Various Quality Indicators 

OSHA reports its findings on quality indicators to the Health and the Safety Executive (HSE) website. Various healthcare providers and users access the website, and it is an ideal tool for posting quality indicators. Moreover, the agency reports its quality indicators to the Department for Work and Pension (DWP) website and the Cochrane Database (Mofidi et al., 2020). The various databases are ideal in the posting of such information since they serve the healthcare fraternity and could be helpful; in disseminating information to a wide range of people within a short period. 

Important Of Public Reporting On Safety Metrics 

The information derived from such metrics is ideal in helping patients to decide on favorable healthcare service providers. The information is important to the public since it enlightens the public on the various indicators of credible and reliable service providers in the market (Mofidi et al., 2020). Public reporting on the various quality metrics is important in keeping the different healthcare providers accountable and responsible for the safety of both employees and patients serviced by the various institutions. 

Operation of OSHA 

The performance of OSHA depends on the recordings on quality indicators made by various healthcare indicators. The various healthcare providers under OSHA are tasked with recording the ailments and injuries incurred by employees and the frequency of occurrence (Mofidi et al., 2020). OSHA uses the recorded information in appraising the safety and health standards of various providers. 

The Current Function 

The current method used by OSHA is the consideration of patient satisfactory information in gauging the relevance of the healthcare providers to safety and health measure spelled by OSHA. 

Organizational Structure 

The senior-most authority in OSHA is the Lead Organization senior-level manager who reports directly to the government oversight committee on the performance of healthcare providers. The senior lead manager orders the project team manager who works in a corporation with the performance of the medical support and the advisors (Goodman, 2020). The project team leaders oversee the performance of field team leaders, command post supervisors, the rescue team, and site safety and health officer. The various officers work in unison to track the safety measures used on employees in various healthcare providers. 

The Governance in the Occupational Health and Safety Administration (OSHA) 

The governance of the regulations body is based on the federal government which oversees the operations of the organization through the senior-level manager. Orders are passed through the senior-level management to the various project teams. 

The Impact of OSHA on: 

The Quality of Healthcare Organizations 

OSHA has improved the quality of services delivered in various healthcare organizations in the US. The emphasis on the safety of employees ensures that the various service work with an effective workforce, and therefore the production is improved. 

Nursing Practice 

OSHA improves nursing practice by ensuring that the health of the different nurses is guaranteed on the line of duty (Goodman, 2020). The regulator motivates the performance of the nurses through ensuring the safety of the nurses. 

Patient Care 

OSHA is responsible for the observable improvement in the overall care offered on patients. Improving the working conditions of healthcare employees result in effective patient attendance. 


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