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Local Area Network/Wide Area Network: Overview and Components of Security

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Kudler Foods uses local area network/wide area network thus it should have security measures put in place to ensure the privacy and security of the organization against electronic threats. Security of the network begins first with the understanding of how the system or network works (Peterson & Davie, 2012) . There are three main components used in the securing the networks. These components are: 


It is the outermost security gate that is the first line of defense in the network. Its purpose is to provide packet routing to the networks that it is connected to. The router can also be configured to filter packets that are used maliciously, for instance, Simple Network Management Protocol. There are various configuration protocols of a router, namely, intrusion detective, protocols, auditing and logging, patches and updates, services and, administrative access. 

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This is a software that is used to allow traffic in only known ports and blocks ports that are unnecessary. It should be able to monitor all known attacks and prevent them from reaching the server. Mostly one does not have the administrative rights to access the upstream router. 


Switches are used in forwarding packets directly to a particular network segment, not the entire network. This helps a great deal in protecting the Kudler Foods’ system against packet sniffing between networks. The switch also has configuration categories which are encryption, virtual local area networks, insecure defaults, services and, patches and updates. 

There are different types of networks in which these components are used to prevent electronic attacks including the Local Area Networks (LANs), wireless technologies and, Wide Area Networks (WANs). 

Local Area Network 

LAN consists of a group of computers, associated electronic devices that have a common communication line and a wireless link to a server within a distinct geographical area and shares common resources (Palmer & Sinclair, 2012) . The Local Area Network allows Kudler to connect through routers, cables, and switches to the internal servers and websites. The primary ways of enabling the Local Area Network is through Ethernet and WI-FI. With the development in virtualization of the Local Area Network, the technology has allowed the administrators of Kudler to group network nodes logical without a major change of infrastructure. 

Wide Area Network 

This is a network that exists over a large geographical region that interconnects smaller networks, that is the Local Area Network and Metro Area Network (Palmer & Sinclair, 2012) . This system enables a communication between different locations owned by Kudler Foods. A router is used to connect a Local Area Network to a Wide Area Network. Having a Virtual Private Networks also allows the connectivity between WAN. The WAN uses connections such as multiprotocol label switching, T1s, commercial broadband internet links and carrier Ethernet. This allows the end users of Kudler who are located in different geographical regions to communicate and be able to access the same resources. There are two types of Wide Area Network employed by the organization, that is, the traditional Wide Area Network and Software-defined Wide Area Networks. 

Wireless Technologies 

Wireless technologies involve sending messages over a distance without the help of wires, cables or any electrical wires ( Wireless Technologies , 2007) . The distance is not fixed, can be a few meters or hundreds of kilometers. Kudler Foods heavily employs this kind of technology. There are different types of wireless communication, for example, the infrared wireless communication, mobile wireless, fixed wireless, and portable wireless. There are also quite a number of wireless equipment that are used, that is, cordless computer peripherals, global positioning system, and cellular phones. 

For networking to be able to function properly, it has to have components that build it. There are various building blocks that make up an entire network system for it to perform its functions adequately (Peterson & Davie, 2012) . Examples blocks that are used by Kudler to build networks include: 

Server computers- Store shared resources and enables access to end users. 

Network interface- Installed in computers enabling communication over a network 

Cable- Used to physically connect computers to a network. 

Switches- Connects computers to the network. 

Network software- A software employed for the proper functioning of the network. 

Client computers- End users at Kudler use these computers to access the resources in servers. 


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