14 Jul 2022


Lone Wolf vs. Domestic Terrorist Groups

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The domestic terrorist groups consist of criminals who are home-grown or just permanent citizens of the United States of America. They execute their terrorist attacks on the local Americans. The domestic terrorist groups are normally defined as American citizens, who commit crimes that are ideologically driven within the United States of America. The domestic terrorist groups only operate within the borders of the United States of America. They lack international networks and foreign influence. Therefore, it can generally be held that a domestic terrorist normally commits criminal activities in the homeland. 

On the other hand, a lone-wolf terrorist is a person who plans and commits criminal activities alone, without the assistance of any other group (Hamm & Spaaij, 2015). A lone-wolf terrorist commits criminal attacks outside a given command structure. The domestic terrorist groups engage in organized political criminal attacks. However, the lone-wolf terrorist is not motivated by any political agenda. It is also important to note that a lone-wolf terrorist may commit a criminal attack outside his or her homeland. A lone-wolf terrorist has international network connections, but does not depend on any group for material support. Moreover, it is vital to note that a lone-wolf terrorist has international influence. Contrasted to their domestic terrorist counterparts who engage in violence that may be part of a political organization, the lone-wolf criminal is generally older and less educated. It has also been established that the lone-wolf terrorist is mostly someone who is prone to mental illness. Mostly, lone-wolves are terrorist attackers who have psychological stress. 

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The lone-wolf terrorism has risen in popularity both domestically and internationally because of the development of the digital age, where one can learn about the nature and condition of his or her target attack place. The growth of the internet has made the operations of lone-wolf terrorists easy and effective. Moreover, the emergence of radicalization of the youths along harsh religious lines has also enhanced lone-wolf terrorism. 


Hamm, M., & Spaaij, R. (2015). Lone wolf terrorism in America: Using knowledge of radicalization pathways to forge prevention strategies.  US Department of Justice Report

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