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Magazine Response: Role of the Health Care Manager in Regulatory Compliance

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The healthcare system in most nations has undergone drastic changes not only to make it more efficient, rather turn it to be affordable for most individuals. Various rules and regulations have been put forth to ensure that health facilities adhere to that call (Guttry, 2012). In that respect, it will be the health care manager to ensure that such institutions meet these regulations and work effectively. The healthcare manager can play varied roles in ensuring that the facility he/she is working in complies with the set regulations (Lombardi & Schermerhon, 2007). Primarily, the manager works cordially with other departmental managers towards the achievement of the vision of the health facility. In this regards, the vision and mission of that particular health facility ought to be aligned together with the regulations stipulated in the healthcare policy. 

It will be the healthcare manager through the departmental managers to ensure that the various departments in the facility carry out their duties in accordance with the regulations set. The manager, therefore, ought to collaborate with the clinical in order to create and implement the healthcare policies in the various departments in the facility (Lombardi & Schermerhon, 2007). Notably, the clinical managers have robust experience in the way in which the departments in the healthcare operate. This officer, therefore, will help the healthcare manager to gunner the necessary information that will be essential in evaluating the performance of the health personnel as well as developing departmental budgets (Lombardi & Schermerhon, 2007). In addition, the health information manager will be in charge of storing and maintaining patient’s health records. Such records can be essential when budgeting and establishing a patient’s satisfaction with the services provided to him/her in the facility.

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Another key role of the healthcare manager is ensuring that the facility is efficient in its operation. It is the duty of the manager to ensure that the activities in the facility are running smoothly. This implies that all the undertakings in the facility ought to be productive and more effective. Productive and efficiency will be judges with patient’s response to the services that are offered in the facility. Lombardi & Schermerhon (2007) noted that the role of a healthcare manager varies from organizing, planning to resource control. In addition, Lombardi & Schermerhon (2007) stated that the manager also has an integral role in leading as well as influencing others. In that respect, it will be the manager to ensure that the personnel under his/her leadership abide by the healthcare policies.

In spite of the variations in the health care units, the responsibilities of the healthcare manager in regulatory compliance remain unchanged. They will still take care of the personnel, set schedules, regulate the operation of the facility and manage finances (Lombardi & Schermerhon, 2007). In other words, the managers are involved in the routine operations of the healthcare facility. This places them in pole position to regulate compliance with the healthcare policy. Patient’s satisfaction, on the other hand, will be determined by the levels in which the personnel feels they are cared for. The healthcare managers in this respect can demonstrate care for the personnel when they create an open communication channel within the departments. Communication will turn the working environment to be ethical thus the quality of care being provided to be patients in the facility will be greatly improved (Lombardi & Schermerhon, 2007).

As aforementioned, the policies being advocated for the healthcare system aims at making the treatment costs to be affordable as well as efficient to the patients. This now brings us to the most important role of the healthcare manager that is the management of finances. The healthcare manager ought to understand the financial perspective of the healthcare unit. He/she must also be in a position to devise means that would keep the treatment costs as minimum as possible as required by the healthcare policies. Ideally, this is the most challenging tasks that the healthcare managers face in their partaking (Guttry, 2012).

The healthcare reforms have positively influenced the healthcare managers in the sense that owing to the policy, more healthcare facilities will have to be created to cater for the increasing population that seeks medical attention. This, on the other hand, would imply that more jobs would be created for individuals who are qualified in that line of the profession (Guttry, 2012). However, the managers are left with a major task of squeezing their budgets so that they can operate stably while taking into consideration the financial status of their patient’s. Balancing between overseeing the operation of the facility, financial management to ensure cost effective treatment and facilitating the implementation process seems to be burdening the managers. This means that they also have to have to be acquainted with financial concepts and managerial skills (Guttry, 2012). They also need to exercise innovativeness plus familiarizing with complex challenges that face the sector.

In conclusion, the healthcare manager is in charge of the entire activities in the facility including the departments. He/she acts as the steward for the changes that takes place in the healthcare unit. In order for the new regulations in the healthcare system to be implemented, the health care manager needs to guide the personnel in the facility comply with them. In addition, it is the healthcare manager to manage finances appropriately so that the facility can achieve the Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act. Healthcare units also need to take good care of their personnel so that they can feel they are motivated enough to take good care of their patients. 


Guttry, P. (2012). What HealthCare Managers Need to Know—and How to Teach Them. Working Knowledge. Harvard Business School . Retrieved from http://hbswk.hbs.edu/item/what-health-care-managers-need-to-know-and-how-to-teach-them

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