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Managing the Nonprofit Organization

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Response 1 

The nonprofit organization, unlike other organizations, is very difficult to begin and sustain throughout the years. In regards to this, it is often very crucial to focus on a few aspects of the business before fully being indulged as one. Therefore, when my friend approach and asked whether I would join the board in her start-up non-profit organization, there are several aspects of the organization that I had to evaluate to determine whether she was prepared to handle the organization as enlisted below.

To begin with, the business plan, which stipulates what kind of services the nonprofit organization is intending to deliver, is very crucial as cited by Laughlin & Andringa, (2007) It helps the leaders to be able to concentrate and organize the mission statement and work to its attainment. Thus the business plan guides the members of the organization towards developing an effective strategy that will see it the organization is begun and is sustainable throughout the years. Notably, a business plan entails the SWOT analysis, that is, the strength, weakness, opportunities as well as the likely threats the organization might face. In this, therefore, a business can be sure to be effective.

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In addition to this, I focused on the sustainability of the organization once it commences. Subsequently, this contains two essential items, that is, the ability to retain as well as engage donors, as well as the cohesiveness of the organization’s members. First, ensuring that there is a god approach in which she can approach donors, and retain them, there are more chances that the organization will be successful as it is guaranteed to have adequate resources. Consequently, the nonprofit organization is not geared towards making money from their client, however, they require resources to be effective. Thus, it is crucial to have donors. Additionally, the organization’s members require having trust in each other and having the ability to work together to ensure the organization is sustainable(Turnbull, 2017).

After putting into considerations the fact that the organization belongs to a close friend, and after evaluation of the approach to starting it, there was one aspect I had to consider to join it. Consequently, this was the strategic goal, that is, what the organization aimed at attaining (Laughlin & Andringa, 2007). Basically, other factors are easy to revise but what is vital is what the organization hopes to achieve. Therefore, if it moral and ethical, and works for the vast benefit of individuals, and has stipulated right strategies for its attainment, I would then join the organization.

In respect to this, I would thus advise her to start developing trust among the team members and have them be directed towards the attainment of organization’s goal. In addition, it would be crucial for her, to have a broad range of financiers to ensure that at any point she does not run out of resources. As such, she has to broaden her scope to ensure that she has adequate personnel to finance her organizations and make the community to own the project.

Response 2: 

After a successful planning and organizing the nonprofit organization, to get the members to begin working adequately, an efficient and effective orientation process is crucial. As a board member, I would ensure the orientation contains the information appended below. Generally, this would entail the general information of the organization’s program, the target community as well as the relationship if the community and the organization. It would also stipulate the structure of the organization, which is every member would be introduced and the roles they play. Moreover, there would be an explanation of what is expected from the volunteers. Additionally, a brief history of the organization alongside the policies rules, as well as procedures the organization will be based on will also be included (University of Kansas, 2017).

Notably, since this is a nonprofit organization, the members need to realize the challenges the challenges associated with being part of such organization in reference to Buteau, Chaffin, & Gopal, (2014). For instance, the members may have to realize that they may not get any financial benefit of being part and parcel of such an organization. As such, they need to be driven by other benefits such as feeling self-worth for impacting positively on other people’s lives. In addition to this, they also have to be fully committed to ensuring that they can overcome the challenges which are associated with such projects. Basically, in understanding this information, there are high chances that the organization will be sustainable.

In addition to the above, there are also relevant board governance policies which would be included during the orientation process (University of Kansas, 2017). For instance, policies which govern the board culture taking into consideration the group diversity of the members of the board. Notably, the board policies should be keen to ensure that they are able to address any indifference arising due to the different cultures of the members. The aim is to develop a common culture in the organization which each member can comfortably relate to. Thus this improves the relationship. Additionally, other policies which address the procedures to be followed while recruiting new board members should explicitly be addressed to avoid conflict when they start working. Moreover, such policies lay down the work ethics that the organization will follow which further improves chances of sustainability of the organization.

Responses 3 

In obtaining labour for the nonprofit organization; there are several considerations all which have their strengths and weakness as evaluated below. To begin with, could result in having the board members work towards the attainment of these goals. In regards to this option, its strength would include being able to save up a lot of resources which could be used up in paying other people to work in the organization. Additionally, the success rate for a working board in a nonprofit organization is high since there is ownership spirit in the entire team. However, there are several weaknesses associated with having a working board. For instance, completion of one project may delay as the board members may be held up with other activities, thus leading to a lot of time wastage. Additionally, the law requires that the board be financiers in a nonprofit organization as cited by Cordery, Baskerville, & Porter, (2011), therefore, this may limit the amount of resource they offer as they lack adequate time to do a paying job and volunteer in the organization.

Secondly, the organization could recruit professional volunteers to have them provide labor for the new organization. Subsequently, this idea entails several strengths and weaknesses as well. Some of the strengths associated with having a working board are the fact that the board members will have plenty of time to organize donors thus accumulating of finances (University of Kansas, 2017). Furthermore, the professional volunteers will bring in new ideas that will be integrated into the group. There is also the security of having adequate knowledge in relation to administering such organization thus ensuring the sustainability of the organization. However, it would take a lot of time for the professional to be integrated into the culture of the group. Furthermore, it will take time for each of them to get acquainted with the rest thus challenging the team spirit which may affect the performance of the group.

Additionally, the board may decide to hire new staff who would provide labour. Consequently, hiring new staff would require the organization to have adequate resources to pay for the labor that the new employees give (Cordery, Baskerville, & Porter, 2011). Thus this will lead to splitting the resources they get to pay the hired individuals and provide the services or products they intend to give. As such, this delays them from attaining their initial goal or makes them work even hard to accomplish their goal and accommodate the new employees. On the other hand, it ensures that work is done within the shortest period of time as the hired staff help break down the workload. The board members are relieved off most of the work which makes them have more time to engage new donors.

Lastly, the company also has an option of contracting with an already existing nonprofit organization. By partnering with an already existing nonprofit company, the company is assured of having a wide range of donors. Consequently, this results from having many people developing trust in the sustainability of the organization. Secondly, the labour will be shared by a part of the other organization which would see that projects are completed within the shortest period. However, by partnering with an already existing organization, the members are most likely to be derailed from their initial goal. Furthermore, there are dangers of being absorbed by other organization. It will also be easy for them to identify with the other organization which will delay them from establishing their organization’s reputation All this act as significant weaknesses for the organization as developed by Turnbull, (2017).

Response 4 

One long-term need that I would address while serving the remaining sessions as a chair in the organizations will involve developing a succession plan for leadership. Efficient and effective leadership as stated by Wolf, (2014) is a key ingredient in ensuring there is the sustainability of any business. Basically, leaders are obligated with ensuring that the fellow employee can stay focused to attain the objectives of the organization. They provide insight and motivation to other to maximize their potentials. In non-profit organizations, where individuals are not focused on material befits which they acquire, strong leadership is adamant. Notably, the leaders require having specific attributes that help to ensure that their leadership initiatives are fruitful. Thus good leadership acts as a backbone for the success of the organization.

As such, with the resources available it is crucial to develop strategies that ensure that competent leaders are elected and put in place. The leadership succession initiative will entail developing a vetting body to vet potential candidates and find the right one to take over the leadership. For instance, those who are found to have indulged in any corrupt dealings, or they are easily irritable, and lose focus should not be chosen to take over the leadership : (Turnbull, 2017). The panel may be selected from within the organization or in hire professional. It will be done when electing the leader in a position thus requiring only a few resources.

As a result of the vetting process, the entire team will inculcate positive action from people as they would not want to be unveiled during the vetting process (Laughlin & Andringa, 2007). Additionally, the top leaders will only comprise those that possess the right attributes which will steer the organization to the right path. Thus this will ensure that the organization is able to grow globally, and develop an admirable reputation. Consequently, this will see into it that it has adequate resources as it will be easy for them to acquire new donors as they go along and maintain them. Subsequently, this will lead to the expansion of the organization to have more offices established in various parts globally.


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