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Manufacturing, Planning and Control System, and Supply Chain

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Planning and control processes are vital elements of manufacturing. To ensure that manufacturing proceeds without any hitches, firms must see to it that all resources and facilities are in place (“Chapter 1”, n.d). They must also enlist the support of all relevant stakeholders. Supply chain plays a vital role in driving the manufacturing process. It provides firms with the tools and materials that they require for production. This is the key link between supply chain and the manufacturing, planning and control system. The supply chain allows the manufacturing, planning and control system to fulfill its purpose and drive organizational growth.

To gain a proper understanding of the relationship between manufacturing, planning and control (MPC) system and the supply chain, one must examine the respective purpose of these elements of production. The MPC system is chiefly concerned with the management of the materials and facilities that are part of the production process (“Chapter 1”, n.d). For example, the MPC system ensures that adequate raw materials are available. On the other hand, supply chain is the process that provides an organization with the facilities and equipment required for production (“Chapter 1”, n.d). The relationship between the two elements lies in the fact that the MPC system relies on the supply chain. Before a firm can manage resources, the system for supplying the resources must first be in place.

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It has already been noted that supply chain is the process that ensures that an organization has all the materials that it requires for production. External suppliers are key components of the supply chain. The suppliers include the parties that provide a firm with the raw materials and equipment are some of the stakeholders who are crucial for production. One of the primary functions of the MPC system is to exploit and enhance the capacities of supplies (“Manufacturing Planning and Control”, n.d). This is where the MPC system is also linked to the supply chain. Firms desire to ensure that their suppliers posses the capacity to deliver the items that companies require. The MPC system allows this to happen. Thanks to the MPC system, a company is able to work with its suppliers with the aim of reducing the amount of time that the suppliers take to deliver supplies and to increase the quantity of supplies that they are able to deliver.

For the production process to occur smoothly, an organization must understand its needs. The MPC system helps with this. It examines the situation of the organization with particular focus given to the requirements and demands of the manufacturing process (“Manufacturing Planning and Control”, n.d). With the requirements identified, the organization is then able to institute measures aimed at meeting these requirements. One of the issues that firms need to focus on as they examine their situation is the supply chain. They must ensure that the supply chain is such that it is able to provide the firms with all required resources. The relationship between the MPC system and the supply chain is found in the fact that the MPC system allows firms to identify the supply chains. It can be argued that without the MPC system, a firm would be unable to determine the supplies that it requires. As a result, the entire manufacturing process would be compromised. It is therefore evident that the MPC system and the supply chain are closely linked and that they are crucial aspects of manufacturing.

Human effort is needed in nearly all manufacturing process. The MPC system recognizes this. Apart from being concerned with the management of resources and facilities, the MPC system is also involved in the running of personnel affairs (“Chapter 1”, n.d). The system ensures that adequate workforce is available to facilitate the production process (“Manufacturing Planning and Control”, n.d). The system guarantees that the employees are fully equipped and prepared to meet the demands of the production process. Employees are also integral components of the supply chain. They are charged with the mandate of ensuring that all supplies are delivered in good time. This is another area where the MPC system and the supply chain are related. While the MPC system provides the human effort that supports the production process, the supply chain defines the responsibilities of employees. The close link between the MPC system and the supply chain ensures that employees are integrated seamlessly into the production process.

Ensuring that the needs of customers are met is another role that the MPC system plays (“Chapter 1”, n.d). The system challenges all the stakeholders in an organization to commit all their effort for the purpose of meeting customer demand. As already mentioned, the system also pushes suppliers to deliver resources in good time and in adequate quantities. This is also a role that the supply chain is concerned with. The supply chain ensures that all required resources are available. As they both focus on delivery of products in a timely fashion, both the MPC system and the supply chain enable companies to meet customer demands.

In conclusion, the role of the MPC system and the supply chain play cannot be overstated. Whereas the supply chain is concerned with the delivery of essential materials, the MPC system manages how the materials and other resources are used. The main relationship between the MPC system and the supply chain lies in how the two work together to promote the production process. These components perform different roles which all contribute to the overall manufacturing process. It is clear that the MPC system and the supply chain are important. There is therefore need for companies to invest in enhancing their MPC systems and their supply chains.


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