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Modena: The Ultimate Travel Guide

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Modena is a city in the Northern side of Italy. It neighbors Emilia-Romagna. The city is vastly known for its association with the manufacturing of super sport cars like the famous Ferrari and the likes of Lamborghini. However, it is located next to the Archbishop temple, making it saint scenery. Its food and culture includes the Balsamic vinegar of Modena that is highly enjoyed by tourists visiting Italy on all holiday seasons (Green & Heneghan, 2011). 

Regional History 

Due to its exquisite nature as a big and famous city, the 360 Modena brand of car has been named after the city itself (Modena & Podet, 2001). The city hosts the University of Modena that is well known for courses like economics, law, and medicine. These courses are known to have formidable academic excellence. Being the second oldest athenaeum in Italy, the Italian military is trained in Modena under a seriously established academy. The Bibliotheca and the Modena Cathedral houses many manuscripts up to over 3,000 (Bertochi, 2014). The UNESCO organization from the U.N also has some heritage site in this city. Being formed between two rivers, it has an affluent of the Po River. The two rivers provide a fountain in the center of the city. The climate of Modena is humid; therefore, it is average and accommodative for tourist attractions. 

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The system of government in Modena was formed in 1945 under a city structure and it lasted until the 1990’s. During this time, they had communist mayors who controlled all functioning in the town. In the ancient times, the area near Modena was a home ground to the Villanovans. However, the exact date of its founding is unknown; it existed in the time of 4th century. The Roman magistrates took rest in this area for shelter and relaxation (Frommers, 2012). The city had been under too much siege but later got the freedom to stand on its own after the arrival of Hannibal. In the year 2008, Italian surveyors discovered the pots where lamps from the Roman Empire were kept. They included vases, bricks and most of the pottery scraps that were used in the construction of the Roman Empire walls. In the modern age, it was just an addition of a ducal residence in the Este seating. The Ducal palace, the Town Hall, and the Cathedral made the Modena looked more of Scenery that brought an extrinsic touristic site (Green & Heneghan, 2011). 

Culture and Food Qualities 

The Modena culture is of an Italian origin. The mausoleum and the palaces near the St Augustine square are examples of good architectures and were created near hostels so that they can be close to the nearby hospitals (Modena & Podet, 2001). The Cuisines include delicacies of the Balsamic vinegar wines enjoyed by both visitors and town’s inhabitants. The rich and diversified cuisines are of different categories including the “Zampone” Hams and the salaams (Frommers, 2011). However, one named Cotechino is less fatty than Zampone. Some of these foods date back to the early 15th century. The Modena Pasta contributes largely to the Italian Tortellini that is square in shape and forms a ring with a stuffed meat or available cheese. Modena can be summarized as depicting the culture and heritage in Italy. It is also a city that showcase new models of sport cars like Ferrari. The rich Catholic heritage is also synonymous with this city (Bertochi, 2014). The Balsamic provides for an aromatic and healthy medicine for drinkers. It is presumed to have a miraculous touch of taste. It is, however, difficult to differentiate between the old and the current balsamic vinegar (Green & Heneghan, 2011). 


In summary, the Modena city has a wide range of blessings apart from its history and culture. The economic viability of this place is radiant, especially with the presence of exquisite brands of automobiles being produced in this city (Modena & Podet, 2001). Improved urbanization and the transport sector in Modena have also contributed to an expansion of the tourism sector that offers good economic base for the development of Modena (Frommers, 2012). 


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