29 Aug 2022


Morality: Ethical Issues in Business

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In our day to day lives, we meet a host of ethical issues. When we have reflected and formed judgments about the rightness or wrongness of an act, these judgments will most likely have a noticeable effect on us. When people make normative conclusions that something is right for them, or that they have reasons to act in a specific manner, they are likely to be moved. However, moral objectivity is a straightforward approach to validate participation of actions that other people contemplate to be ethically repugnant. Through this approach, it makes it hard for people to condemn each other’s actions that they find morally objectionable. Most individuals assume that being motivated by their moral beliefs would undermine the idea that morality is objective. They believe that objective morals permit people to do what they want instead of following rules that are conflicting to their intensely held sense of ethics. If there were no absolute morals, then people would do whatever they wanted to do, without putting into consideration the rightness or wrongness of their actions. Although the moral beliefs of different cultures deviate, it’s not the values that are different, but it is the opinions of values. 

I think that it is wrong to assume that motivation by our moral belief does undermine the fact that morality is objective because morals are things that a person should work to keep or gain. Objective morality, which means that morality depends on reality, and not subjective desires or beliefs, is generally presumed to be the most vital part of religious beliefs. It is essential to recognize that although morals are objective; their implementing them may be different among different individuals and cultures. From the objective standpoint, rationality is a good thing because it enables people to ground their thoughts on realism, which is more advantageous to the chase of their goals than fictional. 

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