2 Nov 2022


MySQL Uses Indexes in Several Ways

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The first way is to find rows. The primary purpose of MySQL index is to quickly determine a row and locate its position instantly without having to scan all data set. Ideally, that is why the index is added in the first place as it speeds up queries. When locating rows to find information it can be very tedious especially when you have large volumes of date to go through. For example, you a million clients in a bank and you want to trace just one client’s information immediately. It would take a lot of time to scan all this information and process it to find the required data. However, using index makes the whole process a lot easier. 

Question 2 

Index is used to sort data in MySQL. BTREE index is an example of index used to sort information and arrange it in the database. This index sorts data in a way that it becomes easy to retrieve it in future. It utilizes rows and makes them quickly identifiable. It can also be used simply to sort data using ORDER BY without using tables. It uses simple conditions to sort data together with restricting the amount of rows. 

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Question 3 

The index can also be used to find the Max () or Min () values when the index is specified in column key_col . This enhances the process and makes it quick because the process can check whether or not you are using WHERE key_part_N = constant on the equation parts that precedes key_col in that specific index. To make it quick MySQL only checks for each Max () or Min () expression and replaces it with the constant in the equation. 

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