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New CEO at Merging Company United Airlines and Continental Airline

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As a new CEO of the United Airlines, there are several ways which I will deal with unions. First, I will reduce the salary of my top executives who are getting 20 times more than my employees and increase the salary of my employees depending on their Job group. I will apply 20 to 1 ratio to gap between average and executive or median worker pay. This concept will be helpful since it will divide the salary of my top executives and my lowest paid workers. This approach will also help union to vote their shareholdings on everything starting from compensation to executive hiring practices (Grote, 2006). Furthermore, as a CEO, I will support the creation of an equal society and be committed to taking the results on wider inequality into account of my executive and employee pay. 

Moreover, as a CEO, I will ensure I have a good strategy that I can clearly communicate and ensure all employees understand. I will also ask other employees to respond to their challenges with their thought and take note and action on them. In addition to this, there are other attributes that I will use to get everybody in the company to buy to my plan. First, I will be more concern on what is going on in my company. This will enable me to identify the cause of the problem find solutions for those problems as stated by Brandt and Weisel, (2003). Secondly, I will focus on the depth of employee’s discontent to improve the performance of the airline. 

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As a CEO, I will embrace the attribute of talking to employee wherever I flew and listened exceptionally to them. I will use various methods to execute the plan majorly something that is going to impact the overall customer experience. By doing this, it will help employees ability to provide great customer service, whether it is innovative. As a CEO, I will treat our customers or clients like people. I will use the technology to relate to the customers particularly on a personal level. This will create the difference between a sustainable Airlines and one that is here today, and gone tomorrow. The second attribute is that I will appreciate my clients and customers. I will provide a note that thanks the customers and also provide gifts for onboarding new customers or discounts to my most loyal customers. I will even go to an extent of recognizing my loyal customers on social media. Lastly, I will welcome and ask constructive feedback from the customers. I will let my customers knows that their voices are heard. I will not sit and wait for negative feedback to come. Proactively, I will reach out to my esteem customers particularly on a regular basis to find out what they think I can do to improve our services (Brandt and Weisel, 2003). 

Since every travel serves up GDS data to users, I believe as a CEO this is an odd way that it pushes the customers to become the travel agent. It wastes a lot of time since the user has to slug through the piles of filter and data themselves rather than having an expert to do it for them. Customers waste a lot of time site buying ticket simply because of the trove of available data. As a CEO, I will make sure the data is accessible and look for other ways of iteration. Also, I will ensure corporate traveler have an assistant or travel agent to book their travel and learn their behavior (Juran, 1992). To save time, I will also create more sites that would allow more complicated searches for customers. I will also ensure the company has a way to choose a fare first to avoid queuing, and show the customers the only available flights with availability for that fare to save time.


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