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Oprah Winfrey: Conflict Management

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According to (“Source of insights”, 2011), the five ways of managing conflict include competitive, accommodative, sharing, collaborative, and avoidant. Competing is when one focuses on self-goal achievement regardless of what it takes. Sometimes this form of management can be at the expense of another party. Accommodating when one is a notch higher regarding co-operation. This type of the Directorate risks owns personal goals. Avoiding is only giving a deaf year to an issue and pretend that nothing has happened. Collaborating this is the partnership between two or more parties towards the mutual achievement of own goals. Usually, a lot of time is taken for a consensus to be arrived at. Finally, sharing is when one discloses the conflict among peers and people who can help in managing it. (“Conflict Management Techniques, n.d).

The chief execute officer, Mr. Henson, at Silicon Blaze Company reported to workplace unusually late. This was unlike him and a barrage of unanswered questions developed among the esteemed employees. Seeing, I as the secretary of his office became completely worried than the rest of the employees. Mr. Henson went straight to his office early that morning without the utterance of the good morning as usually was. This caused significant anxiety, and probably it dawned on me that it was an over case issue from home that he brought up to the office. On my desk, as I adjusted my seat, I remembered a file that I was supposed to have delivered the previous day before I left for home. It dawned on me that it had crucial minutes for the meeting of the board of directors that particular morning of which I had not attended as well.

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I decided to go to Mr. Henson’s office with the file at hand.

“Morning sir,” I said feverishly.

“Good morning Caroline, how are you doing today?” he said.

I was completely dazed. I did not expect such a response from him. Pretending like nothing had happened at the back of my mind, I placed the file that I was to deliver the previous day and exited the room. Mr. Henson had applied the technique of avoidance in his conflict management.


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